Malehead - WIP


My project for learning a new modelling technique. Head, starting
from a box. Using editable poly and Meshtools in Max4.
I got really fond of this technique along the way.

Took me three and a half hours to model him this far, and learning
the technique simultaneously.

How fast do you people model?

And what do you think of him so far? Suggestions?

Now, humm… got to sleep for a few hours before work now(it will
be 5 but i prolly gonna need at least 10 :slight_smile: Damn life this is :slight_smile:

Hugs to all the girls, and a sincere handshake to the boys.
Plus a deep bow to all who deserves extra respect!



I think its excellent. can’t wait to see more.


I agree - very nice! Especially around the mouth/jowels, some really nice touches/details already…

Only thing that really leaps out at me at the moment is the nose… the top of his snout has a hell of a pinch to it.

Be nice to see a 3/quarter view as well! :smiley:



Close the Project------> go to sleep ------->next day you open that model and you say:" What is right? What is wrong? …you thinking How that is not your model…and you find errors yourself



Very nice. Can’t wait to see it textured.


what daxx wrote is perhaps one of the most important things to remember in our line of work.

take a step back from time to time. stay away from it fo r a few hours. when you come back the amount that you accompolish will be amazing.


Thanks folks!

It’s very true about takin’ some time to be away from the model.
Like everyone with a job I have very little time for private projects.
So when i got a little spare time i dont go away from my model.

When i look at the model today I can see many errors i made.
Can’t wait to get home to fix them up :slight_smile:

And the worst part… The ear… hate them.
I reckon there was some timelapses on boxmodelling them… anyone remember where?

humm… About speed of modelling. Anyone can comment that?


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