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I thought I’d add some science into the mix (sorry).

This was kind of big news about a year ago. It was produced for a BBC TV documentary on what Jesus’s life might have really been.
Anyway, enough of my blathering:


CNN article



he looked like Bud Spencer :hmm:


LOL, that is scarey. :slight_smile:


Originally posted by telamon
[B]You are forcefully right Leigh. However, except Marco Ferreri, noone has ever tried to make a Semitic Jesus because European wanted Him to be like themselves for two reasons :

1 - the European population (the main Christian countries in the Middle-Age) needed to identify themselves to the Deity
2 - a too semitic appearance would look muslim or jew and in the Middle-Age and later, the population did not have the same level of tolerance as ours :wink:

I think that if he tries to build Him with some care on the ethnic origin, nobody will say That Is Jesus… [/B]

Point taken :slight_smile:

It’s just that Jesus always taught people to accept everyone for who they are, regardless of race, creed, etc. So it almost seems a disservice to his teachings (and also to Christians in general) to depict him in an essentially false/totally inaccurate way.
I’d hope that now that we are all supposedly civilised and past our prejudices that plagued the people of the Middle Ages, but I guess that will never truly happen.


Leigh ==> I agree with you, we are always dealing with the reccuring difficulty of Christians to accept a form of truth…

However, if you read ancient literature and myths… There is also the recurring myth which is “what is god-like is different”. I am thinking of Achilles who was red-haired (although some said that he was blond). I am although thinking of the beliefs of Aztec people seeing Cortes and the Conquistadores as a life-form of the Quetzal.

This opens a wide variety of forms.

If he has existed, Jesus was obviously a handsome and charismatic man… He had convinced lots of people by his wise speach and his physical strength .

Sorry Mattoo, the “regular” appearance of the Christ, however scientific it may prove, destroys the myth…

as if Aragorn’s role was given to someone like Danny De Vito or Marty Feldman :wink:


Great article, even if I think that scientists are often
looking on the wrong side of things.
for example when some of them read the Genesi chapters of creation of world and say that its not possible- not understanding that the words are not to be read strictly literarly.people at that time could not understand the only concept of evolution.

there are very interesting things around though. in my city there are different versions of Christ, and they show them in different religious occasions. there is also a coloured (nigger) Christ!! :thumbsup:
then there is a white, and other versions, not all related to racial
this is very good for those wich believe their race is the best.

especially for many Catholics, Sacra Sindone is not only an image of Christ, but His real look at the moment of His death, before resurrecting.the image shows long hair and beard as well as different signs of His passion on the cross.
many scientists studied it, and there are different opinions of it being a painting or a real misterious image.

several painters adopted the look of this image in some degree, especially eyes. hair and beard even if they painted Him as a caucasian white man.


i think you need more gemetry… chin,eye,nose etc…

texturing is the hard part… believe me… wrinkels and that kinda crap… :slight_smile:


Are you saying that Jesus needs tubes coming out of his head? :surprised


Originally posted by Leigh
Are you saying that Jesus needs tubes coming out of his head? :surprised

Loooooooool!!.. i posted the wrong pic… :slight_smile:
will post the right one later…



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