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Hi everyone,

In my current project, I need to create the resurrected Jesus and show Him in white light and maybe transparent at the same time.

Any suggestions are most welcome. My next step is to us SasLite in order to create the hair and beard (all in white light) using guide chains, but for some reason the hair does not show up. I will post this picture with the hair as soon as I have all of the hairs in place.

I used Userdelta’s SpinShift Modeling Videos to learn how to do human head modelling.






Its a decent start but the proportions are off especially the forehead from the side view.
You probably need a bit more geometry to clean it up some.
The ears also need some work.
You need to work on the sides of the forehead area as well. The flow there is off which is making that area a bit strange.


Make sure you add the sasquatch lite pixel filter to processing. It’s under chapter 9.54 in the manual.


Ok, I made changes to the flow and proportions. Am I on the right track?




Flow is good IMHO
But he doesn’t look like the common representation of jesus.
The head is overal to squarry now, while jesus’ head is usualy more triangle / oval shaped.

My best advice would be to work from reference pictures.


The flow looks better. Great job.

I took a look for images of jesus and from them he is alot softer looking. that is more rounded.

Alot of the early art before the 17th century will not have the correct proportions. (before the renaissance no one bothered with proper anatomy. Sorry my art history may be a little off so forgive me.)

The Jaw line. Draw a line from the lips straight back. this is were the jaw line shout curve up. yours is a little low. move it up inline with the lips, that should round out the jaw some. The jaw is also a little wide, narrow it down to get a round of V shape. He is square jawed like a marine right now.

Nose. The nostrals should be in line with the corner of the eyes. Just a little wider. Also everyone seems to have him with a longer nose. The normal rule is that the bottom of the ear and nose line up, but on him they have the nose come down lower to give it more length. The tip of the nose in the render looks a little cut off so you may want to play with it to get a nice curve to it.

Skull from front and profile it needs to be more rounded. Right now it is kind of squared off.

Sorry for the detailed critique. Thought it would be more helpful if I told you point by point what was off you you can go down the list and fix what you agreed with.



Facial Deluxe
You are right, His face look to square I will get the head more of an oval shape…

Thanks for the detailed suggestions, I do not mind critique, I really would like the look right and your steps will help me a lot.


Jesus would have had more Middle Eastern/ Arabic features. I find the popular depictions of him as a fair haired, Caucasian man strange because he would have looked far more Arabic, and would have had dark hair.

I think your head is too square, and the jaw is too large for a person of that region. Take a look at photos of Israelis for better reference - using old paintings is probably not a good idea, because as I said, traditional depictions of him are way off.


You are forcefully right Leigh. However, except Marco Ferreri, noone has ever tried to make a Semitic Jesus because European wanted Him to be like themselves for two reasons :

1 - the European population (the main Christian countries in the Middle-Age) needed to identify themselves to the Deity
2 - a too semitic appearance would look muslim or jew and in the Middle-Age and later, the population did not have the same level of tolerance as ours :wink:

I think that if he tries to build Him with some care on the ethnic origin, nobody will say That Is Jesus… Personnally, my favorite Jesus is this blond guy with blue eyes as we can see on every wall in South America. It is the Christh of the Holy Heart…

I agree with facial, if I had to model Jesus, I’d do a more oval shape. But, IMO, the main area to work on will be the eye. The person who will see the face should only see the eyes. And these must be very wise, calm, irradiating love and pity.

Courage marcopio, you are at 1 % of your work :smiley:


Your jaw is wayyy too big, and your cranium is huge aswell, and your ears are too high (they should be level with the eyes). He has a little bit of an overbite for your bottom of your jaw bone. You might want to stretch your ears up and down, they look squished from both sides in.

But other than that, better work than I can do! (Right now anyways!)



Jesus is always portrayed with a oval head shape, quite small mouth and most important , the eyes and eyebrow are more rounded indeed.

BTW his look derives especially from Roman first christian community paintings and mosaics especially later at the time of emperor Costantino, as well as the great Sacra Sindone, wich is supposed to show his real look( that is surely arabian)

what you have to do is just move some point and make jaw less squared. the flow is quite fine so you’ll have no prob detailing and inserting more geometry.

ears need some adjustment so use some photos of real ears to get the shape more efficient.

insert sasquatch when you feel you’ve done with the general shape of the head.

keep on like this, you are doing good.:thumbsup:


Nearly all of the images of Jesus you see out there are inaccurate. Jesus, being Jewish, and having been born in the Mediterranean he isn’t going to have pale skin nor are his eyes going to be blue. Being a direct decendent of Abraham, Jesus is going to have Arabic features. The old painting of him are very inaccurate.
Also, keep in mind that Jesus didn’t have a chiseled jawline nor was he particularly handsome.


Well, I know this is being picky, but those paintings you see obviously don’t really look like him. For one thing, they were painted some 1000 years or more after he was nailed to the cross, and also they depict him as being white most times. He was Jewish, and he looked like a Jew, not a European. Noboby really knows what he actually looked like though, so a certain degree of artistic license is required. Just my 2c.


Heres an interesting description of Jesus:
An interesting side note. Several years ago I was in Argentina and ran into a very dark arabic man and his wife who was a US citizen. He was not a christian but told me that Jesus indeed was fair skinned and reddish hair. According to him many of the Jews from that region of Galilee are colored that way.
Hard to say… :slight_smile:
In the end its always better to go with what people are accustomed to. Its just good communication. :slight_smile:


Larry, I believe that is true… There had been so many invasion in the area and population used to be so mobile that there have been some population blending for a result that is one of the most beautiful people in the world (I love the middle-east in general).