Male Head - WIP.


All the posts below this are earlier work on this model. Here’s where I am so far.


i think this is looking really good so far, i like that he seems to have a bit of character to his face, like its a little different and doesn’t just seem to be a generic male model, i like the lips how they are.

are you working from reference, like side and front shots? i just think the ear doesn’t seem right, like where it is sitting and how it is sitting. i think it needs to be forward a tad and folded back a little. maybe the back of the head is a little too rounded off, like it should go back a little more. a profile image of a head would show this. you modeling technique looks good though.

i’m not gonna crit on the texturing coz i’m not that good at it. but yeah i think its looking really good.:thumbsup:


I’ve done a bit more work on the model. The hair parts haven’t come out right in this render. I’m not finished tweaking the clothes as I only started these today. Any more crits would be appreciated.

I am using reference…I myself am the reference. I’m a skinny guy! I need to look more carefully at how my clothes fold e.t.c. Will also try and improve the hands and arms. Any suggestions are more than welcome.


No replies at all??

Oh well… I’ll continue to try and improve myself.


Looking good! Only thing for me is are the hands, they just dont seem to have the same amount of detail as the rest of the body. But that could be the look you are going for. Will be waiting for some updates.



Thanks mopelie - the hands I need to do more work on - texture is temporary here. I’ve another wee update too.

Just was working on facial hair…and I think I’ve adjusted some of the clothing.

To give an idea of the geometry of the model.



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