Male Head - Guidance Needed


Hey guys. This is my first thread on here, I’ve kinda lost my way a bit so it would be good to get some crits and comments to try and get me back on the right path.
The model is of my mate John from work.

I’m using Maya. Been working with this program for a couple of years but still feel like a novice after looking at some of the work on here. Please be gentle.


It looks like you’ve got a good start on the general shape. You’ll need more detail in areas, especially the chin. Are you planning on animating this? If so, pay attention to edge loops. You’ll especially need them around the mouth and eyes. Good luck! :slight_smile:


You should get rid of all that vertical geometry on the upper forehead/top of the head. It makes it more tiresome to controle the mesh and serves no practical purpose that high up there…
The slight indent you have between the brows should go a little bit further up… (light-blue)
As a rule of thumb, the lower lip should have as many vertical verticles as the upper lip. And since your friend’s chin is rather defined (with that veery slight indent in the middle -orange- and such…) I think you should have those verticles run down all the way…
Have a look at your nose. It’s a good start, but you still need a little tweaking around the nostrils (yellow).
And I just wanted to point out those interesting wrinkles at the ears… (green)

If you ever plan to animate him or anything I would strongly advice to take care of all the red polys I pointed out. They might look like quads on first sight, but they aren’t and might deform strange and cause problems…

Looking forward to see him finished :slight_smile:

Greetz, Ky.


M31: Cheers for the comments buddy. I hope you follow my progress, it would be great to get your input.

[color=Yellow]Sister Ky: [color=#fffffe]Thanks a lot for taking the time out to show me your points. All taken in and I’ve tried to sort my mesh out. I’ve not had chance to work on the nose yet but see what you think of the jaw/chin. I’m still not sure about it.

Anyway thanks guys for all your help. Most appreciated. :thumbsup:



Mesh does look a lot better, but there are still some more Polys with 5 corners… I’m not sure about Maya, but in Lightwave you can’t convert Polys with more than 4 corners into meta-NURBS (which is essential for organic modeling… at least for me… :shrug: )
Maya, like Lightwave, should have some sort of statistics, where you can see how many Polys with more than 4 verticles you have and with which you should be able to quick-select them… if you can’t find a way to turn them into four-verticle-polys, at least split them into one four- and one three-verticle-poly… and show us some meta-NURBS-screenshots :slight_smile: Is much easyer to tell diferences to your reference this way…

Greetz, Ky.


I believe that Stahlberg uses Maya and uses the occassional n-gon and tri. Check out this thread:

Your mesh is looking better, but I think you should improve the edge loops. I will try to explain what I mean: Right now the edges that form the detail under the eye you have go over the nose. This extra detail on the nose is unnecessary. Instead, have the edges circle around to connect with the edges detailing the upper eyelid. You will also want to have circles of edges around the mouth. If you aren’t planning on animating this model, it may not matter.

If you’re unclear on what I’ve said, have a look at my model. Although I am sure that it is far from having the best topology, I do have loops around the eyes and mouth so you can see what I mean.
Good luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks again guys for you comments. Your a big help. Really motivates me to do more work. I love it!!!

Ok so I’ve re-worked the topology around the eye a bit this morning. See what you think M31. I can see what you mean about the edge loops.

I’ve also included some smoothed images. I would like to animate this head at some point. I would like this to be as good as I can get it basically. Not done a lot of texturing so thats gonna be fun! :rolleyes:

Thanks again for you comments. :bounce:


Hi Guys,

Just a few updates. Sorry not been working on this much recently. I’m now starting on his ear so hopefully have a few more updates at the weekend.

C&C’s welcome as usual.


Looking pretty good :slight_smile:

Only one thing on the forehead:

Pretty selfexplainatory, I think…

Greetz, Ky.


Thanks again Sister Ky. :thumbsup: I’ve been meaning to tidy up the forehead.

I’m wanting to render out some shots and was just wondering what the best materials/Shaders to use were for my head at this early stage.

Can anyone help?


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