Male figure drawing


So this my first drawing in anatomy and figure drawing. What do you think? What could I work on?


Well I’m not a pro but I’d say learn structure and proportions first.
Loomis and Hale are great artists to study from.

Then learn the bones from different perspectives, then the muscles and where they attach.
It’s overwhelming but that’s always the case when you want to learn a real impressive thing like anatomy… do it one bone/ muscle at a time.

Draw a ton of gesture drawings as well…
Don’t forget to have fun :slight_smile:


my initial response is that it looks like you’re not referencing anything but rather drawing from imagination?

Proportionately and anatomically, there are many issues.

google images and find some good figures to draw from. once you learn the basics it will get much easier to draw from your imagination.

With good reference material and patience it’ll come.