Malcolm X, James Ku (3D)


Ace job James. Well put together.


beautiful, kuman, just damn downright beautiful.


Wow !
Thats it’s excellent !



wow fantastic work!..i love it.


This is amazing… super nice work. Truly inspiring.



This amazing work. It look great and his face is picture perfect. His jaccket stand out form the rest of the image though.

Keep up the great work!


well earned frontpage :thumbsup:


:applause: 5* from me…That’s really cool!!!:thumbsup:


TOP of the RAnge … great image and model texture of the skin and hair is just great image a real high light.
5 stars



Read his Autobiograhpy it literally changed my life. Great 3D homage to a Giant among men. Six Stars!!


wonderful !
and without the hair better, great mesh
absolutely 5 for me


Perfect work! Nothing to fix… it’s just perfect! 5 Stars!!!


Very strong piece of work!

Great facial features and striking likeness…
Seen this one grow on the 'Threedy’forum, very nice.

I think you’re aiming for another award, heh?


Very good! Perfect! I dont have words to say… If Malcolm see this picture, probably he will love!



great image, a lot of power in the composition, but I think the suit needs some work. A crisp stiff suit can make a man look 10 times more powerful. That’s why we wear them. This suit just has too many waves and wrinkles in it. Not only the suit, but the collar looks damp and limp, and the tie has the same problem. I don’t know too much about Malcom X, but I don’t think he would have worn raggedy clothes. If he did, then my mistake and you nailed it, but if you’re going for a sophisticated/powerful look, the clothes just aren’t doing it for you. Its an awesome image, but I think that could really push it further.


excellent job.:thumbsup:


Wonderful! Maybe you could improve the fabric, but it’s really a great work!


Great Image. The details on the face are very nice. Also the pose gives really good direction to the compostion. I think that I would like to have seen more of a background to give the image a better idea of setting, but considering that its a portrait I suppose that this is ok. I would also half to agree with what Rye said on the suit.

Great Work!


Good job man, really well done :thumbsup:


Great work man :slight_smile: