Malcolm X, James Ku (3D)


Title: Malcolm X
Name: James Ku
Country: United States
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, Photoshop, VRay, ZBrush

A portrait I did of Malcolm X, a charismatic and controversial figure in the era of the American civil rights movement.


He was the way he was because he had vision of the future. He was right. Excellent work!


Striking image; love the thoughtful expression on his face. I’m not too convinced by how the light sits on his jacket, but that’s minor. Very nice.


really nice Work.

Hamed katebi


ahah nice james ! glad to see you still kicking ass !


Fantastic! Really great model and textures. The suit looks like velvet; is that how you planned it?


I like everything, from the BG design, til the cam perspective, I love the expression, skin shader, and especially the hair/fur, congrats!!:buttrock:


very nice work! i love the camera angle and the expression.:thumbsup:


The fabric’s behavior aren’t looking natural to me. Clothes are looking more soft than they should. But danm it man, it’s a f*&%$ng kick ass piece! 5 stars, and problably top row.


wow , amazing work :buttrock: , 5 stars


Very good skin texture and I love the hair. great work.:thumbsup:


Fantastic work! Nothing to crit, simply awesome!


That’s f#@kin’ bad-ass! I especially like the work done on the skin and the overall modelling of the character. The texturing on the glasses could use some more work, but that’s just a minor crit. 5 stars! :thumbsup:


Not a bad recreation!!, a great symbol he was ( and still is in alot of ways ) I’m diggin the hair, tho I think it’s a lil too str8, ( on the head ) should be curlier. 4stars! :thumbsup:



Beatifull work, everething is very high detailed, very proffesional.


nice work man
good work on hair,nice rendering.
but i the skin looks a little dry! specially on forehead!
the shirt looks a little wet because of the modeling:so i think it should be more sharp!
the bump on the ear seems weird to me!
other than this nice work:thumbsup:


i´ve seen this piece in 3dtotal, and i think its reaaaaaly Great man, great attention t all details :smiley: 5* dude, :smiley:


Nice rush James!

Excellent work on the skin shader and lighting.


here some more shots of this project




fenomenal work.