Making Vines around a gate


Guys, have a look at this image:

How would you try to make those vines? I know the first thing that comes to mind is IvyGenetaror. But after a closer look, the stem generated by IvyGenerator is not smooth. It progresses in a zigzag shape. Also, here many vine stems are entangled with each other.

How would you try to make such a thing? Advise me something please. I chiefly use XSI, but have a decent working knowledge of Max, Maya and Modo as well.


I saw you mentioned Ivy Generator but have you tried the Max plugin based on it?


i’d go with splines. just model a straight piece of vine and let it follow the path with the path deform modifier.
no clue what would be the equivalent in xsi though.



That would basically be the Deform by Curve Deformer :slight_smile:


There’s also the Everything’s Vine Script found here in teh Forums. This is the latest version I found.


Thanks for all your generous responses :slight_smile:

But there are so many of them! And no two are exactly identical. How do I randomize them so conveniently?

Using XSI is not a must. I can use those other softwares as well.


Just to add to your confusion, you have this:


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