Making of Water, Wanchana Intrasombat (2D)


Title: Making of Water
Name: Wanchana Intrasombat
Country: Thailand
Software: Photoshop

Hi everybody,

I have new work update :slight_smile: done by Photoshop cs2 just for fun and practise (learning) about lighting in the forest.

Concept of this picture is about the boy went into the wonder forest (dream land) for learing how to make some water with Big brother (a spirit of forest )…The boy had a very long big journey with big experience that he will never forget.

Thanks for seeing , and Cheers :slight_smile:
Have a nice dream!


Yet another wonderful, wonderful painting from you. If you published a book of your paintings, I would be first in line to buy a copy. I find your work so inspiring, Vic! Keep it up.


Beautiful work and concept Wanchana.
Love the way you pictured the boy learning to make water from clouds.


Great work Vic, cheer :beer:


Another great piece from you my friend,as always lovely creatures and fairytale world,makes me feel inside just looking at it.


I really enjoy how you have introduced the clouds. The emotional qualities remind me of the movie my neighbor totoro. I am working on my first digital project and this is really inspiring. great job. :beer:


Wonderful work Victorior!, the color and lighting are very beautiful, I really love the fantastic forest creature, it’s so cute! Your style and imagination are unique my friend, keep it up :applause:


Great work as always my friend! congrats!!:smiley:


Wonderful again, Vic!!! The best of your art is the perfect combination between an infantile look with a very adult skills and composition, the work of a trully Master. Congratulations, my friend!!! :beer:


wow you’ve nailed that juicy color. It is a blast! Best wishes.

BTW: what is your favourite brush you work with?


amazing work ! :applause:


Very nice idea ! And well done . Good job !


I love this image! :slight_smile:


great work as usual. they r just too cuuuuuuuuute


I always love the atmosphere you create in your pictures and your clouds are just so wonderful. Beautiful and uplifting!


-Super Big Thanks a lot all of my friends for all kind comments. I’m very appreciated that and thanks for posting (sharing) the works together for a year :slight_smile: Thanks and keep it up together.

Here are some more detail for Making Of Water.

Many Thanks, Cheers,


such an amazing use of colour and atmosphere. This is pure awesome :slight_smile:


To serio - I always use just only round brush. Thanks a lot

  • Rivenis - Thanks a lot for your comment :slight_smile:


You create such creative and charming pieces my friend, the tree looks especially cute. Love it :thumbsup:

  • Ayla - Thanks a lot my friend for the comment :slight_smile: