Making Clouds


Beautiful work!
Good luck!


After seeing you entry I went to view the rest of your work online. It is amazingly impressive the range reflected in every aspect of your work to the point where mentioning the use of a 1 px brush only makes sense.

Good job!


imperioli, thank you!

mexfogel, yeah, thank you! I’m trying to make some curious story behind every image I’m working on.:slight_smile: It is interesting for me to make, for example, an image that, even it looks funny, brings behind not so funny story.


Didnt really had time to look thure all the work here been very busy but this one instantly catched my eye
Nice work man hope you win something, i think you deserve it.
Very nice color palette and the idea , also remainds me of good old Monthy Python cartoons

Good luck


Really nice colors and work indeed…All the very best!


Eye-catching, even in a thumbnail size! The colorite brings Bruegel to mind. Thumbs up!


Thanks for your reply!


wow,how you can finished so great work!i like it very much,good luck


In my opinion its a simple concept and this contest is purely based on conceptual visualization concept marks are higher I guess in this contest.I really liked your palette colors and the combination of it is showing a good image


songjiaru1980jarek, thank you so much!

Illuxion08, every person finds its own in artwork. :slight_smile: Thanks for your reply!


I always liked this one, excellent mood to it. Well done on the HM!




BaronImpossible, thank you! I’m glad to hear this words from you.
imperioli, Thank you very much!


Congratulations on the HM.
Beside being a richly beautiful painting, it was also cleverly creative and very much, surreal.


Congratulations!I´ve just saw your image and is great and original. I like it a lot :wink:


Quadart, thank you very much!

Gonzalo, I’m very glad to hear you like it! Thank you.


awesome work man! - love the concept and the personal story behind it and colors :eek: - great work!!!


daw, glad to hear you! :wavey: Thank you very much!


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