Making Clouds


I like your piece. I wanted to add the nautilus to mine, but I couldn’t find an appropriate place for it. Good job and good luck.


“standart 1 pixel brush for stroking”

Wow, you mean the entire image is basically a chalk base covered with millions of one pixel strokes??? You build up an image with thousands of strokes, each only one pixel wide??

It is an interesting technique but seems like a heck of a lot of work…although I’m looking forward to trying it now.

Also, do you know if there is a way to keep a large color palette open in Photoshop after selecting a color? If laying down that many individual strokes it would seem useful to frequently switch hues and so on, to slightly vary the strokes as easily as possible. Do you move back to the color palette frequently, or layout a series of color splotches to pick with an eye dropper, or…have you found another way to pick and change colors quickly?

Thanks again! GREAT work…


wooah!! great, didnt know its 2d until i saw the full res :smiley:


:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: …speechless after viewing the full resolution of your master piece.

Thanks for sharing your work in progress.


Amazing technical ability. I also checked out your Nils and Morten painting and I absolutely love your character design.


Dude, so far yours is my absolute favorite. I think it’s the most original, it captures Yerka’s style, and at the same time has your personal essence. Wonderfully archived. If I were a judge you would be my Grand prize winner. :thumbsup:


I liked this,very nice coloring!Cool work!:slight_smile:


For me it’s the most oryginal image in the contest so far. Wish you good luck!


Fantastic technique, it works really well for emulating yerkas style. I was thinking to myself how to get that pastely look in photoshop, you pulled it off with style.

I Love the detailing and patterns on the snail arms too. Great work :slight_smile:


I agree with baloontree.
I also like this image for it’s idea. It fits the bill for a surrealist theme. There were a lot of great ideas embodied in a lot of the other entries, but unfortunately the presentation and focus was lost due in large part to trying to display to many unrelated themes in one image. As they sometimes say “less is more”. You did a great job of presenting your idea here.
I would also say the only thing reminiscent of Yerka’s style here, IMO, is the board-work on the thatched barn, which you nailed spot on (pun intended :slight_smile: ). The rest is in a beautifully executed style that doesn’t remind me of a Yerka piece.
–That said, I think your odds of winning top spot are quite high. Good luck. :thumbsup:


Fantastic mood with authentic JY lighting :slight_smile: Very nice. Good luck!


Thanks to everybody!
Just want to say, that it wasn’t a goal to draw with 1px brush. I just love detailing images.
In fact, anybody can make it. :slight_smile:


Wow, this is really great concept! Thank you for sharing process images as well.


Those line strokes are great. It looks great even in the early process.
Good luck!


This is beautiful.:applause:


This is technically superb, very beautiful and also a solid concept - I dont think I need to wish you luck;)


Wow, this is huge. very cool concept, so very Yerka, but yet very refreshing…
wonderful mood and colors, super style & technique. what can I say- looks like a winner to me.
good luck!:applause:


Hi ;)))
Very good work ))


Hi, man, that’s just great :applause: Like your humour and concept and skills! :beer:


Thank you, guys! I was trying! :buttrock: