Making Clouds


Whoooh! Finaly I finished this one! It was realy long 2 months.
The idea of my image is simple, so I hope you see it. When I was a child, sometimes I used my own hands instead of toys. It was funny to draw faces and figures on hands, composing my own story.
I tried to make some graphic style in my work (as pastels of Yerka) so I used std 1px brush and tiny strokes.
I hope you like it! And good luck to all participants.
Done in Photoshop, using Wacom tablet and a track “Petiatil Cx Htdui” by Aphex Tween playing in my headphones. It’s like a soundtrack, you know. :slight_smile:


Wow !
Wonderful !
May I ask how did you achieve the incredible gentle shades?


Here you can see the full resolution image

And here some WIP images


Starting with sketches of my wife’s hands

And some stroke layers.


Thank you!
All paited with brush. Just was sitting and stroking. Long long time.


Wowww hallo…!!!Very skilled painting:eek:!!Congrats!:thumbsup:
Why the title is Making clouds , a was expecting more like something with hands.
But it doesnt matter enyways.
Good luck man this is awesome!!:bounce:


this is amazing…very nice concept as well as strokes…cool work :slight_smile:


LefTerris and Unik, thank you.
The title tell us that this hand-snails are making clouds (the smoke from chemeny).
First I wanted to call it Nailed-Snailes. :slight_smile:
Also I have a big trouble with my English.


Wow! Great image! I like the idea and the story that goes with it; (using hands as toys). This could be an entire serie; hands as running horses, hand as a spider/crabs whatever, etc.
Great presentation too; I like watching the process slideshow as much as the finish picture…


Very nice. I always like this classical moody light style.


I like the idea behind it. You have skillfully created it.


Incredible piece with a striking mood. You really did something with Yerka’s style. Especially full-res is scary good…All those beautifully aligned thin lines must have been a lot of work.
Overall pretty much perfect in my opinion.


Cool! Checking out your full res image was worth it…just to see the little finger tip eyes. --Especially those on the right looking over to the left! Funny. Good work!


Thanks a lot! Glad to see you like it!


Great picture:) One of my favorites for sure. Love how life-like you renderd the hands. Good luck in the competition


very nice artwork… good luck :slight_smile:


Were you using default Photoshop brushes? How did you customize them…?

Thanks. Very inspiring…what I like MOST about your post, even more than the obvious artistic talent exhibited in your submission, is the time and effort you put into showing works in progress, sharing with us how this image was created. Thank you very much.


Usually, I use only 2 brushes. The customized one (like chalk, for sketching) and the standart 1 pixel brush for stroking. The process is similiar to that.


wow, great concept. I really like this one. good luck!


Thank you!


This is really great. That does look like it took a long time. I love the concept and your technique. It make my hand hurt just thinking about just using a 1 pixel brush.