Making Clouds, Sergey Kolesov (2D)


I see your portfolio and sketches and I really love your style and concepts!! :buttrock:


Beautiful image, I love it :thumbsup:


I like the color.


Thanks to everyone! :slight_smile:
I’m very glad you like it!


Great image and concept, I must download that Aphex Twin track…


What a great idea! brilliantly done. congrats


Man. This image is incredible!!
My jaw dropped… :drool:


Thank you very much, guys!
I appreciate your words! :buttrock:


Peleng as always, great work!




I’m always impressed with your work. Great job!


Man, I love your work! I’ve been following your sketchbook on CA and I’m amazed by your creativity


Awesome! I love the little progressclip too :slight_smile: Clever shrew!


you can see more of peleng work here

PELENG’s Daily Sketchbook: (From CGTalk Daily Sketch Forum)


Great concept :thumbsup:
very clean !


I would have loved to see how it would have looked with the same spiral patterns and dense volumes you have at the chimmey for the whole clouds canopy, but more out of curiosity than anything.
The piece is really well balanced and vibrant as it is.

Fantastic piece, and has my vote for CGChoice award.


Awesome work, congrats on the front page, Peleng :thumbsup:


Makes my mind to somersaults, and I appreciate that.
Nice and creeepy!


:bounce: that piece is awesome - dude…

…big up,




Wow, I m very glad to see my work on the main page, and to read so many kind comments!

RobertoOrtiz, thank you very much! Posting in Daily Sketch Forum was very helpfull for me.
Intervain, undoz, RichardLundstrom, KIDI, ThE_JacO, Branko, POLYRAGE, ritter - Thank you very very much, guys!
danielh68, very glad to here from you! Thank you, man!