Making Clouds, Sergey Kolesov (2D)


Title: Making Clouds
Name: Sergey Kolesov
Country: Russia
Software: Photoshop

Done for NVArt Surreal style of Jacek Jerka
The idea of my image is simple, so I hope you see it. When I was a child, sometimes I used my own hands instead of toys. It was funny to draw faces and figures on hands, composing my own story.
I tried to make some graphic style in my work (as pastels of Yerka) so I used std 1px brush and tiny strokes.
Done in Photoshop, using Wacom tablet and a track “Petiatil Cx Htdui” by Aphex Tween playing in my headphones. It’s like a soundtrack, you know.

Here you can see the full resolution image

And here some WIP images



Man, thats incredible! Its so clean


This is simply awesome paint man. amazing harmony of colors and mood, excellent work



I remember this master piece when you post it first time, great idea and technique.
Also love your sketchbook, i visit it almost every day, very inspirational.

Keep up good work



CoreyArtE, thank you very much! I tried to do something soft and clean, so…
phoenix, thank you!
MatejaPetkovic, thanks, man! Actually, I posted this work only in portfolio, but not in gallery, so I’ve made up my mind to upload it here now.


Your painting is breathtaking, amazing technique. I also really like the idea, totally surreal and magic. I love the amount of detail you have in there, the shells in the ground, the snaily skin… excellent. Keep up the good work !!!


Thank you very much, lkermel!


Hehe…Nice snails! :thumbsup: I really like the clean style of this. Excellent job!


Wonderful! Did this make it into the contest? I don’t remember it.


Fantastic work ! Oo


ajsa51, thank you!
kennychaffin, thank you! The work was within Honorable mentions.
PapaNinja, merci!


Thank you. Sorry I missed it!


Great concept!:applause:
I love the idea and tfe execution.

Keep it up!:wink:


Impresive work! Love your style, it´s totaly amazing:applause:


Man, this is stunning. Absolutely beautiful work.


Solid piece of work. looks beautiful…:).


Amazing work, wonderful execution, great skills…my respect…:applause:


Very impressive work, the choice of colors, the soft touch, the idea, the mood. . Excellent job Sergey!


wow…seem really cool as its telling the story. Great strong peace.


hi Peleng,how are you doing?your image is really awesome,you are a genius!!