Making beautyful women face video tutorial in 8 minutes..



I would like to show you what you probably like the most, video tutorial showing how something works or how to make effect… At least I prefer video tutorials than trial demo, let author show me the best, instead of wasting my time, figuring out what I should do…

Today I made tutorial how to make women face… Only following plug-ins were used:

  • Box (to create initial plane).
  • Drag Tool.
  • EasySplit v2.5 to cut polygons in real-time with lasso…
  • VirtualMirror v2.0 to show in real-time symmetrical copy of object, while it’s been modified and new polygons were created (this is unique capability in LightWave environment, because traditional Symmetry works only with existing geometry and making new polygons just breaks it)…

AVI has 8 minutes and 11 MB size…
Or if you prefer QuickTime, 21 MB size:

Both EasySplit & VirtualMirror support either Windows and Macintosh (but video was made on Windows).

EasySplit and the other TrueArt plug-ins could be purchased in promotion with discount only to 1 february 2006… If you choose to buy them all you will get them 50% cheaper than stand-alone! Read more about promotion here:


If you encountered problems downloading them you could try NewTek FTP server
This might be faster alternative for US people…

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