making a saturation map in PS


I was going crazy looking for a way to make a saturation map of an image (did you know that in PS 1 files could be saved in HSB mode).

Looked here but eventually found the answer elsewhere on the web. Thought the method recommended was so useful I made it into an action and have uploaded it here. (Thanks to Raptorred at PS Techniques).


Hi Jack…

Just out of interest, what do you use your saturation maps for?


Generally, if you want localized saturation, there are other ways to achieve it without resorting to actions. The Sponge tool or using a Hue/Saturation Adjustment layer with a mask come to mind.


I don’t know how I would use this quite yet, but it certainly does look cool =)


A good question. For many years I was a painter. Like many painters I developed a set of techniques for checking the progress of my painting. Things like:

Standing far away from it, looking at it upside down, looking at it in a mirror, looking at it in a dark room (good for checking tones).

All of these methods can be easily replicated (and bettered) in PS. But I have always wanted a way to separate saturation from tone and color (Which I know would not be possible in the real world). I can do this in Shake quite easily (people who use Shake have a wonderful set of color correction tools) but have always been frustrated by PS inability to do it (tho oddly enough in in PS 1 it was possible).

avinashlobo: you are mistaken. I do not want to saturate/desaturate. I want to know which bits are saturated via a grayscale map.

sorry the late reply. bin busy.


Jack, try it with a Selective Colour adjustment layer.

Create a new Selective Colour adjustment layer.
For RYGBCM, move Black slider to -100%.
For Whites, Neutrals, and Blacks, move Black slider to +100%.

You will be left with saturation in greyscale.
The cool thing is that you can turn it on/off, or leave it on, and still see changes without having to run your action again.


Well I’ll be hornswaggled!

It works fine (had to change method from Relative to Absolute though).

But yeh… live update as well.

Nice one.


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