Making a Fern (Splines and Cloners problem)


I am trying to make a fern, and I decided to do this with splines and cloners. I currently have one spline as the “stem” and another spline as the “branches.” What I am doing is taking the branch spline and cloning it along the stem spline. This part works well. Next I want to clone leaves along the branches identical to the method I used to clone the branches along the stem. The problem is that the leaves only get cloned along the original spline and none of its clones. Is there anyway I can achieve what I have in mind?

P.S. The reason I am using splines is for physics simulations of gravity and turbulence to allow the fern to flow in the wind

I appreciate any help, thank you!


Clone along the branch first then clone that to your trunk.


That resulted in something different, but did not have any meaningful result. It instead made the leaves duplicate off of the plant and in a very random pattern.