Maker Of Body Mouse And Other Fine Products, Chrislomaka (3D), (3D)


Title: Maker Of Body Mouse And Other Fine Products, Chrislomaka (3D)
Software: Lightwave 3D, Photoshop

time: distant future, battletech era
War has demolished most industrial
and manufacturing facilities.
Life is cheap, but mechs are invaluable.
In an effort to maintain electronics with
the smallest amount of cash, technicians
have taken to scouring the battlefield for
useable parts… any useable parts.

I wanted to push my mouse-making further than normal mice. trying to evoke a gut reaction in viewers, plus comment a little about awareness of how used some of the things we touch are; and how nearly intimate our connection to our computers can be. Either that, or i just wanted to create something freaky and disturbing…:smiley: :eek:


Dude… Thats awsome =) I love the “eye-ball”

Where can I buy one???

Once again… WOW


héhé! cool!

I want one of those…


:eek: :eek:
This is so cool! If it was made, i’d order one directly…

One small thing: The lower part of the mouse is a mouth(2 mouths) and the upper part two fingers, right? Shouldn’t there be some stitches to put them together?

Great job! :thumbsup:


i considered stitches, but then thought i could just say it was genetically grown… not really trying for a frankenstein mouse… heh…


beurrkkk ist disguuusting… :slight_smile:
but so cooll !!!
i want one to scary my dog !!!

great work



That is so cool. I know so many people who would want something like that. You should build one.
Fabulous job.


That is 1 of the coolest things I’ve seen here…EVER! Very original idea, very well executed, Standind ovation!:applause:


that’s pretty cool yet very creepy, is it living? a warm soft mouse would be wicked!!



I seem have seen it at somewhere! But that’s another version it!
Crazy thought and cool work!!! really great!! hehehe!!


That is so cool!!!
where can i buy it:) ?


Zpitt - i posted earlier versions of this mouse under ‘to nail or not to nail’ , and a really preliminary version at the end of ‘i like mice’, so you might have seen it there.

JacobB - yeah, it should be warm to the touch, like when you sit in a chair that someone else has been sitting in… and the veins should pulse a little. yeah, ew to all of that, but it would be cool;)

thanks everyone for all the praise and encouragement. it means a lot.


haha optical mouse! It looks great.


cool. i think this is the first time one of my posts got 5 stars!!!
thanks a lot everyone :D:D:D

here’s a wireframe for those interested.
i typically rendered out w. the subpatch render level set to 4, though the mouse cords went from 3 to 6, depending on how much was visible…

thanks again everyone


absolutely amazing!

Im stunned.


10 stars for this one!



M A D N E S S !

I love it. :eek:


Hey Guys,

Have you seen ExistenZ?

It has a similar feeling…it rocks…

Would make a keyboard, a monitor, and a tablet as well? I`d like to see it on my desktop…

Absolute ten stars out of five!



all I can say is… sick and twisted… individual :slight_smile:


Wow. Nice concept dude. I like the fingernails. -Romantic


Yeah, j3st3r’s right, reminds me of Existenz. Which is a very good thing since the movie is bizarre to say the least.

About the keyboard: the keys could be the top joints of the fingers… Or nipples…