Make particles gather around object then disperse again


Hi, my idea is basically to have multiple particles slowly rising out of the floor, then they quickly form a piece of text, then slowly drift apart again, before then forming another bit of text.

I’ve tried attaching a radial field to an object, but all that does is direct the particles to a certain point, and I want them to fill the volume of the object (and also, not to overshoot)

Any help would be appreciated, cheers :slight_smile:


I am not sure this will answer your question, but I’ll give it a try.

You should look into goaling them (particle goals). You can attract them to multiple targets and keyframe the goal weight in the particle shape (when goaling, select the particle, select the text (I assume a poly mesh) and goal (option box, uncheck transform). When you goal them they’ll be attracted to the vertices so used goalU and goalV to disperse them. Lowering the conserve of the particle will help with the “bouncy” effect.



Come on guys, this is 2013 (where is my gawdamn hovercar?!), you do know there is a search function here and google?

This has been discussed a million times…


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