Make Particle Sequence Loop



I have to loop a sequence of particles rendered in a 3d package.
I´ve tried it the hard way and did some masks for the particles, but i´ve reached the limit of 127 masks per layer very soon :thumbsdow

So what could i do?



I suppose that the first and last frame of the particle animation are not the same ?! (If they are you should use Loop option in the Interpret Footage main dialog )

If they are not, the only workaround for this is to find to simillar frames in that particle layer, and try do make some sort of cross fade.

Or try to make those particles again to last longer in 3d app, and render again




Thx for your reply,
I also found no other solution so i did it just with frameblending and it was not even noticeable in this specific case :applause:

If it always could be that easy :rolleyes:



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