Make Cloned Objects Flow Along Surface (Mograph Cloner)


Observe the following C4D setup:

I want the cubes to “flow” along the closed formula curve I have created in a continuous fashion (as if they are flowing in water moving through the tube defined by the formula). How would you have objects which are cloned to the surface of another object “flow” along the surface of that object?

To be clear, if we define a cube’s location on the surface of the formula tube by the same T used to define the formula, I want to be able to simultaneously offset all of those cubes on the surface along that T until they reach the point where they started again (just as when the formula spline reaches itself again).

I just want these cubes to look like they are all flowing together while bobbing up and down. I’m wanting them to follow this arrow:

Here is the project file:
Example.c4d (255.9 KB)


Which version of C4D and do you have XParticles?

It’s a trivial task to do this in XP if you have it.


C4D R19, and I do not have X-Particles. Surely there’s a way to do this natively.


this is one way to do this


another direction…


Excellent work! Thank you, this is very helpful.