Make a new Challenge?


Hey guys I was wondering if we should make a new Challenge for this month?

I know Splinter said he would be back soon but its already the 10th
Thought maybe we could get together and make a new Challenge so we can all get going on it.

What do you say, or if Splinter could say something tonight or tomorrow just filling us in.


Hey Mike! I think it’s a good idea, if Splinter could quickly give us a topic and send us on our way.

Other than that, maybe we could think up some topics for next month so Splinter can hit the ground running in March?

I think we should let Splinter post up the challenge, and not us, to save any confusion. Or, at least we should get his blessing before we just barge in and make a new challenge.


Yeah it would be better if Splinter would do it.

I am just ready for a new challenge and have some great freed up time to work on it this month. So I have been kind of holding off on any animation projects waiting for this.

But i think it would be great if we start listing off some ideas for next months challenge.


Hey guys, I know everyone is anxious to begin a new Challenge. I am as well. This month has been a really tough month to get into grasps with. I have finally finished with all of the things that were holding me back. So I will be around a lot more now. A third of the month is already over but I think that everyone is anxious to start a new challenge. Since so much time is missing, instead of our normal challenge I thought that we could try and come up with a list of actions to perform.

My plans for this month are:
[li]Team up with everyone and and come up a small list of 5 actions that we could perform this month, in a new thread.[/li][li]Put up the poll for the entrants from last month.[/li][/ol]


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