Make a good looking laser for a turret defense?


ok right now im using a parallel spot light with simple visibility tag, how can i make it look good and powerful? (dont comment on the scene its still under going some work but im working on the laser right now)

edit: heres a new laser, more of a projectile


Simplest way is to do it in post instead, but four quick things I’d change:

  1. Increase the brightness way up, at least a thousand percent.

  2. Add another couple of visible lights at the tip of the turrent, you want to have the impression that it’s a barely controlled beam of raw power, so basically make it unrealistic, think of the shape of muzzle flash you see in comics!

  3. Add a little bit of noise along the beam, not a striaght noise, but accorss it, so it looks like pulses traveling up/down the beam.

  4. Add some light effect ont he scene from your beam, it should look like it’s lighting up the surrounding area


I guess it depends how solid/defined you want it to look!? - you could create a thin sweptNURBed linear spline - either with a solid luminance colour, and maybe add the glow effect to create that soft falloff outside the edges, or you could use a fog shader on the spline object. You could also animate the start/end points of the sweepNURB, so that you can show the beam firing out.

Alternately, you could create laser bolts with a couple of very length omni visible light objects, and have them propelled from the canon.

Adam :slight_smile:


I made a little rig for this a while back, I was going for a cartoony look and used visible lights pretty much as described above, you can see the resulting animation at the end of the ‘Cartoon Mech Rig’ clip here

I also made a little demo of the xpresso firing rig I made here (The ‘Mech Rig’ clip on that page). The guts of it is just a visible light traveling along a spline driven by an align-to-spline tag with xpresso handling the collision and particle emission. I built this as a practice exercise when I discovered I could control the start time of standard particle emitters with xpresso.



I made these with Lights that have Noise in them. I used about 6 lights per laser, all visible lights.


thanks for all the advice and omg would you please share that? at least just a scene with the light in it


I’ll send ehm to you tomorrow :slight_smile: .


thanks alot mate


Posted ehm here!


Shademaster’s lasers are friggin’ sweet!

BUT, have you considered doing this effect in post? You’d have a lot more flexibility in After Effects.


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