major_RoboTotaRTs12, Anatoliy Sidorov (3D)


Title: major_RoboTotaRTs12
Name: Anatoliy Sidorov
Country: Russia
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hello everyone!)
It’s my last personal work. I spent a lot of time for this model and now it’s finished.
Also you can see turntable on my youtube channel
Hope you like it, thanks for watching! :slight_smile:


Wow dude that turned out really really nice. I’d totally forgotten about it up until now. Great job!


Great man !

I like it a lot.



good work dear! Keep it up :wink:


Nice rendering and modeling! The turn table is good too.


YES’.i like the design of the character and the lighting as well.good job man also 5 star for me


F’in sweet! Glad you finished this one, turned out great!


Pretty cool!

I just miss some reflections …


The cracks between the plaques look like paint lines. Is it or it’s multiple meshs?


Beautifull Work!


Great work and overall atmo in the image!:thumbsup:

How about posting some wires and unshaded?



thanks very much guys! I very glad you like it))
Mrguy -> now it’s not dark)
Scote -> all cracks are true modeling, you can see it on picture below
TheRazorsEdge -> wireframe and grey shader are already exist))


I just see yoru turntable link and your deviantart gallery. But no grey shading and wireframe there


I don’t know what happened but fixed it


Top stuff mate! I love the modelling and the light set up. Just to critic something I only miss a little dirt on the joints but I totally love it.



I think you nailed the blurry backdrop. It really makes her edges pop out more.


i love you robot :wink:


Thanks for re-uploading those additional images. :slight_smile:

Great work here!



pretty nice work :slight_smile:


Thats one sexy robot, Amazing job.