Major project. There is a light and it never goes out


Take a look at my major project if you like i have recently finished the ba at the ncca, it can be down loaded from my site

Streaming link -

Digital effects piece which mixes cg and live action in a stylised photoreal way.
C & C welcome.


i think a lot more people would check it out if you posted some thumbs…


Noted, there is now images of the project on the site. So you can see if its worth the download


Post the thumbnails in this thread to get more attention, great work by the way.

Dont think i’ve heard that brand new song before, what album is it from??

Dan, BACVA1.


It’s unreleased. From an album demo you can get hold of it on the net quite easy


Great work Joe, one of my favourites from our year. You should have no probs getting a job


I finaly have got a streaming video link so people don’t have to download the massive file lol.


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