Maintenance Office, Michael Sormann (3D)


I already put in some dark dust clouds to seperate the background better from the front
struckture. But maybe I should lower the contrast of the background structures additionally.


fantastic style, very cool. :twisted:


your work blows me away ech time Mike… i love this.

the pallette and the surreal mood is what does it for me… very successful.


Thanks a lot.
My only concern in the moment is if the shape of the front is easy enough to see.
The Background has a lot of structure and the frequency of structure in front is more or less
the same. I think I will add a bit of fog…


hey i jes wanted to say amazing work man… i totally luv the whole feel , style n the lightning … cant wait to see more…


Great modeling and lighting.


the style is really really fabulous ! very nice lightning ! good luck for your short.

your work is always fascinating !


wow…i really ,ove ur style.
very attractive to me.
if u can share some lighting setup it would be great.
and again…great work man…waiting for the full film!


Very Impressive! I love the feeling I get observing your piece! I would like to see the animation!


Amazing, love the style and the mood the lighting has set.


There he is again…

Good to finally see some more of your private work here, Michael - Already thought you quit it.

I always loved the style you’re using - is this again just Mayas Software Renderer, lighted with a lightDome to fake GI?

Nice job, hope you keep it going!


Nice. reminds me of Metronome.


Thanks guys

Hi Thomas.
Yes, again I combined a Lightdome consisting of roughly 50 Spotlights, with swithched off specular emission, with several point and volumeLights to reflect the local lightsources.


I always like your work. The concept is great.


Been following your work for a little while now, it looks absolutly beautiful! your style is one of my favorites…

I cant wait to see the short film be released!


Awesome look man. very nice cartoonish look. I LOVE IT !!

can you post a wire?


uff ,it have the more loved for my style! awesome! i want to see more! amazing work.


Good to see you are still working on this.
Cannot wait to see it done.

Keep up the work.


great stuff. nice work by maya maya & maya


WoW… this is just simply amazing. The style you used looks beautiful, and mixed with the lighting you did, it looks dang near perfect. Definately worth at least 5 stars. If just a still looks this good, i can only imagine what the finished animation will look like. good luck completing that!