Maintenance Office, Michael Sormann (3D)


Title: Maintenance Office
Name: Michael Sormann
Country: Austria
Software: Maya

This is a still of an animation I am working on in the moment.
Its part of my Theme Planet shortfilm project.
This is an outside view of the maintenance Office
Pig and Elephant are working in.


Wow, I really love the stylized look to it. The lighting is simply amazing! :thumbsup:



Nice Feel… lovely:love:


the scene looks very pretty to me. i’ll be vaiting to see the animation.


great modelisation and stylisation:thumbsup:


very nice lighting and very good design as well. :thumbsup:


Absolutely beautiful … very nice … 6* :applause:


very nice image and great style, i can’t wait to see your animation! :bowdown:


great work! :slight_smile:


Great work man, I love the style and the lighting.
5 stars from me:thumbsup: .


Fantastic modeling. Lighting is awesome. Great work.


Very nice image! i too am very impressed with your lightning. Did you use MR for this pic and if so did you use any global illumination or how did you achieve it? considering youre working on an animation how do you plan to keep render times low? (by baking the GI if you use it?) It actually looks like its a software render with just a lot of work put into the lightning, but still interested in hearing about how you achieved it. ok just a few short questions but in all the picture is really beautiful, great work and good luck with the rest! :slight_smile:


I keep the rendertimes low because I work in severall layers.
The Background is one layer and the house and the rest is another layer.


I had almost forgotten about this project - I hadn’t seen anything recently. Glad to hear it’s still on track! Everything I’ve seen of this looks great so far.


I might take some more time but I will complete this shortfilm.
It’s time consuming, but it’s fun … :slight_smile:


We are really fantastic.
We send the applause to great work.
The eye is pleasant at wonderful work.


I Love this style very much! Nice modeling and lightening! 4 stars !:bounce:


I love this, nice style, nice ideas, a nice piece :smiley: rated!


I love the colors, lighting and rendering, I absoultely love it.


excellent. really. COuld be a bit more readable maybe with a less similar bg but anyway excellent.