Maintain Limit Controllers while assigning Wire Parameters


Hello everyone, hope all is well.

I’m essentially developing a simple mini pose library (of some sort) for my project and I’ve hit an irritating barrier. So far, my algorithm basically:

  1. Saves the initial controller values to a dictionary.
  2. Saves the pose values to another dictionary.
  3. Sets up paramWires based on those values.
  4. Creates Dummy Null and establish new connections if controller needs additional paramWires. (Basic Addition and Subtraction)

I managed to finalize it but notice that the parameter Wires disregards and DELETES the limit controllers when connection is established. So I created an exception if the controller haves a limited controller then the script needs to make connections with it instead of it’s parent, and now I’m running into issues that I cannot comprehend.

So my question is, does anybody know how to maintain the limit controllers when establishing connections with it’s parent? Or better yet, is there a way to save the controllers Limit Controller parameters and restore them later?


Okay, so far, I think I’m having issues because Limit Controllers aren’t using world coordinates, they’re using local. Which is annoying, I hope I’m wrong.


You are. I hope you are happy now :rofl:



Hey Domos,

Lol right you are, I’m tripping. I’m testing right now and turned out I’ve made an amateur mistake using that “getSubAnim” command


Looks like script didnt let me answer with just one sentance:roll_eyes:

And again, this time I’m blaming me:rofl:

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