Main Trailer - Fist


Hey guys. I like kirt’s trailer design a lot, so i decided to give it a shot yesterday. It was a lot of fun indeed, so things went very fast :slight_smile:

hope i’m not stepping on anyones toes here, because it’s already been modeled… but these questions came up time and time again and the answer was always “give it a shot, it’s just for fun”… so i did!

So here it is, my take on the main trailer.

the major parts are already in place, just some props & the bottom missing. i can’t figure out what some parts are from the existing sketches, can you clear those up kirt?

2 circles on the left: don’t know what these are is the thing at the door a bell? a lamp?
the sign: need close-up
the coupling: another close-up?


From left to right - license plate, exterior light, chrome identity badge, trailor hitch. I provided a few reference pics in my last post on JIII’s model, so you can find helpful things there.

On the ID badge it’s just a winged design with the name centered in the middle. I thought a name that gave a false impression of hope would be best for the trailor (i.e. American Dreamer, Comfort Flyer, etc.).

This looks really good … and you’re fast! :thumbsup:


ok i’ll take care of that stuff the next time around, i still can’t quite figure out exactly how you want the hitch. one of the references you posted in JIII’s thread is down…

I’ll figure out the rest by myself :wink:

here’s another step:


Found a picture here. I tried to get the image larger but I think it’s not helping much. It’s hard to find trailer hitch pictures on the web :argh:


Looking awesome Fist! Knock 'em out man, let’s get this party started…once they are all done the fun stuff can begin!


P.S. Hey Kirt still drawing “Bill the Cat” concepts? :smiley: :argh: I can start if you want and then tweak from your concepts once you hit something you like, just to get the geometry started.


Hey,…GREAT, just same as the concept.
we still need a texture guy and the rough storyboard! :smiley: … KIRT?
and what about the environmet stuff? … grass, ground, trees, rocks,… ok ok.
Hey Kai, could you do the texturing for Ship and Trailer? they need a slight texture work. but Kirt should give guidance for texture style.


kirt: ok i’ll figure it out…

thanks cougar & ila :cool:

i’m no good with textures, but i can try… i could use a colored sketch though

also, i don’t have a lot of experience with environment modeling, but i can try that too. i’d consider gras and all this kind of stuff ‘special effects’ though, this kind of stuff should be done in maya, not in max

i think for now i’ll model the scene as seen in the sketch, with all the props :thumbsup:


here’s a little update with some basic textures for now. some things are still unfinished and probably way too shiny… but i kinda like it this way :smiley:

what do you think?


Lookin’ GOOD! Its starting to really give a feel to what its enviroment will look like.



thanks cougar, that’s what i was hoping for :slight_smile:

still working on it…


The trailer is looking really nice, very much like the concept. I think the green texture could be a little to much, the cracks also look a little to deep in the green. I prefer the white one. I think it goes with the wood panelling at tte back better as well.


Nice job Fist. I agree with DrAdamDinosaur The withe is great just rust out the really shiney stuff. Other than that dont change a thing. I really like it.


ok guys, maybe you’re right about the green. i think i’ll tone it down a little or go back to a beige or yellowish tone. i’ll leave in the cracks though… maybe a little less

let’s see what kirt has to say (?)


What they said … the first one was much better. Don’t overdo it on the textures. The cracks aren’t needed if you make the dirty spots convincing. Don’t just place the dirt randomly. Think about why it would be there (i.e. greasy hands opening the door, mud kicked up from tire, water damage around windows).

I really liked the color and simplicity of the first one. All that was needed was a little wear and tear on the chrome pieces so that they don’t look like they were just installed.

Change the roof vent so that it opens to the rear of the trailer. I like the clothespin on the roof … nice touch. Rear lights are perfect! Just as I envisioned them (minus the shiney chrome - already mentioned). The side cones that they attach to should be the same color as the trailor with a chrome trim piece attached (see concepts again).

The frame that the trailor rests on should be metal - not wood. If it were wood, this trailor would be on the ground rotting and without a floor. That’s a little severe for this poor white trash Mom. :smiley:

A little more detail is needed in the wheel rims. The tires are fine, but the rims look like a concave surface with a texture applied. Look carefully at the contours of the rim.


hum… now that i look at that green again i think i must have had tomatoes on my eyes :wink:

kirt: thanks for the detailed crit! i took care of most of the stuff already… here’s another step.

i left some of the cracks in the paint in, but far less intense and more localized (at least on the side, the top is still pretty much generic), what do you think?

beware, some of the metal parts still have a simple procedural shader on them

edit updated the image


wow!, it looks great now, Kai, is this a maya scene? if not, you have to export those procedurals to bitmap for converting in maya.
Kirt, do we need the interior?
do you have more storyboard sketch to show us?


uhm yeah… the only problem: it’s a brazil rendered max scene. you’re right about the procedurals ila, but most of them will become custom textures anyway, so that’s not the biggest problem.

Kirt, do we need the interior?
do you have more storyboard sketch to show us?

exactly what i wanted to ask!

take a look at the general discussions forum for some more questions…


Originally posted by ila_solomon
Kirt, do we need the interior?
do you have more storyboard sketch to show us?

Interior - Yes, one is needed but not for this model. I think it will be easier to build a virtual movie set for the interior shots. This model will become complex enough as-is without adding interior stuff as well.

A little insight to that last statement - this trailor will be picked up and dropped by the aliens. Squash & stretch for the entire trailor, cloth simulation on the curtains, a rig for the suspension and deformers on the tires will give this prop most of the character it needs in the film. (oh … and the door needs to open)

Storyboard sketches - I have more and was hoping to have all of the opening sequence done this week. It’ll have to wait until Monday now as the end of the month is always busy for me at work (and I’ve been freelancing a website design all @#%! month :argh:).


ok kirt, thanks for the info.

none of that should be a problem with the model. all parts are fully functional / animatable, so no worries. i still have some little details like the badge, stickers and license plate and of course the suspension to model/texture, then it should be done. the curtains are modeled using a noise modifier, but i have already tested cloth sim on them and it works just fine, should be no problem in maya either.

ps: just updated the last image

pps: even without knowing the details of the shot… i think it would add a lot to the general mayhem if we had some interior objects bouncing around inside the trailer, making a lot of noise. shouldn’t be a problem with maya’s simulation features i guess. well… i’d better just wait for storyboards :slight_smile:


:applause: …Excellent work Fist.The details from the clothes pins and up are all quite impressive.Your doing this project proud.As usual very nice effort and very nice outcome.:thumbsup: :beer: