Main Character of Echoes of Glory


Proudly I’ve been chosen to make the main character of Echoes of Glory[size=2], a on-line game of the Civil War in the United States. [/size]

This is my first videogame model, so I’ll apreciate all kind of comments and critics, thanks in advance.

Polycount limit: 3,500 polys


I’ll start modeling soon…


Mr. Chamberlain first face’s polys… Polycount till now: 75


168 polys, no problems till now


Don’t worry so much about poly count at this point man, just get the flow down, and optimize later. Seems like you may be relying on the refrence image a bit much also, turn it off for a while and work using your perception, it will help sell the final model methinks.

Considering your poly limit you could stand to work the loops of the face a bit more, at least that’s what I’d do.

It’s looking good so far, let’s see where he goes.


Head: 279 polys…
Hmmm, that means that if I have enough care with the number of polysin the body, I can subdivide this face reaching an amazing quality of 1000 polys:



Seems like you may be relying on the refrence image a bit much also, turn it off for a while and work using your perception, it will help sell the final model methinks.

Yeap, It’s off :smiley:


you shouldnt add a meshsmooth or subdivide or whatever, if you want a 1k tri head then you have to make every poly your self. subdividing is not a good way to make things for games. The heads starting to look very good and you’ve got alot of form in there for sow few polys, however you will need to build up the rest your self.

its looking good!


:blush: Thinking so much in polycount is stressing me a little bit, :banghead:
My Machineflesh object had more than 3 million polys :smiley:

I’ll continue with the body and then I’ll go back to the face to see what can I do to improve it :thumbsup:


Face Update, sorry about the slow progress, but I have some works to do :shrug:


376 polys: 310 quads, 66 tris

In triangles:

688 tris


Working on the torso…


Face new polycount: 756 triangles:

Face tri-strips: 121:

I wan’t to know if is correct the way I’m doing this :scream:


The face looks really good, but from how I looking at it I think you can optimize it a little more. For example around his chin. You can keep the overall shape, but you may want to reduce his stripe on the way up to his lips. I hope that makes sence.

Another example: The head can be reduced around the top as well by circumfernce of about 4 or 5 polys. But as a whole you should study your face more and decide if the poly there is really needed to define the shape.

Hope this helps,


Ok, I did some little optimizing, new polycount: 720

Also I apply a rough texture test:


ah, head looks good! keep us posted on this one…!


Thanks warbird :D, I’m trying to do my best in the little free time I have; I’ll not receive a cent for this project; so it’s difficult to work on it…



hey mosco, la ultima imagen ya se ve mejor, usaste una foto para la textura no es asi? trata de que el pelo quede bien, pues definitivamente va a decidir si la cara se ve bien en general!!!

he estado mejorando mi modelado, y aprendiendo a texturizar y animar, espero pronto poderte enseñar algo chido, aqui con un amigo gringo he aprendido un buen, el se fue a sigraph :smiley: espero que para el proximo año sepa lo suficiente como para poder llevar un demo reel. sigue con el trabajo, nos vemos


Modelling the body:
1408 polys

Hey DanyEbrio:D,

¡Estoy esperando a ver tus modelos 3D!


pues puedes ver mi whip aqui
pronto voy a subir las imagenes del weighting ya bien arreglado, le añadi tambien unos poligonos para que se doblara mejor en algunas partes, estoy empezando a hacer animaciones de caminado, correr etc. lo subire pronto pero te puedes dar una idea con esas imagenes que estan ahi. Lo que si me esta costando un poco mas trabajo son las texturas, no se como hacer el unwrap propiamente, pero bueno, supongo que tengo que seguir intentando !!!