Mai Hime (2D) James Polston


I was going to put this in finished work but I read that its not for “firsts”, and since this is my first attempt at coloring one of my drawings I decided to put it here. I think it turned out pretty good ^_^. I was going for more of a old school coloring instead of the way evertying is now all nice, neat, and perfect. The character is Mai Hime from, Mai-Hime. C&C are both appreciated! I do consider myself a newb to coloring lineart, so any help for future drawings is appreciated! The background is a picture, not drawn by me.


She certainly looks like Mai. :slight_smile:


Thanks! :slight_smile:
The next one I do I plan on doing slower, this one only took like 35 minutes to draw, and as you can tell its not as accurate as it could be ( I just really wanted to try to color something ). Expect a new one after a bit.


But it’s still a first attempt att coloring and i think ints great!


Thanks Smirnoff :slight_smile:


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