Mahatma Gandhi, the great soul, Pasquale Giacobelli (3D)


Title: Mahatma Gandhi, the great soul
Name: Pasquale Giacobelli
Country: Italy
Software: 3ds max

image rendered in 3Dsmax and mentalray, modelled in zbrush. The subject is Gandhi, a great example of life for millions of people who like me believe in a better world. :slight_smile:



brilliant work! I like it very much. Specially the textures and materials are superb. Very well done!


well done Pasquale ! i can read something from his face ! well done !


great work ,I don’t have words to express my feelings.Mahatma Gandhi’s teaching and believes are more relevant in present world than ever before.


fabric material - hm… - it is innatural deformation - bitmap in one palce is big in next is smol - it problem with deformation of wireftames

rest is fantastic 4 stars


so nice karma
excellent modeling…but i think u need to tweak the light to show us the right eye
but over all its a good work


awesome ! :applause: , 5 stars


5 stars defeneatly… :bowdown:


awesome work! I love this mood you’ve created.


Excellent piece, excellent subject.


Brilliant work. :thumbsup:


just total real, everything!

jan k. vollmer


great portrait - lots of character and not just a blank stare like most :thumbsup:


Very well done Pasquale, 5* :smiley:

Complimenti Pasquale(KARMA) lo avevo jah visto su ti faccio i miei complimenti davvero un lavoro brillante; 5 stelle te le sei meritate tutte :smiley:


Good work Karma! :thumbsup:


Very nice render!


Yes, that is really nice a portrait!


outstanding work buddy…

Mahatma gandhi is one of my favorite hero


Very good…brilliant…grt likeness of mahatma gandhi:thumbsup::thumbsup:


that’s great! :thumbsup: