Maglev Mobil


Being fascinated with Syd Mead’s work for a long time I couldn’t ignore this contest. It is a great opportunity to study once more his ideas and the way he paints a story around vehicles. His shapes are always kept readable and simple with reasonable dose of realism. I just can’t stop looking at all details happening within those effective forms (cuts, imprints etc). The greenery of his light-coloured cities softens wonderfully the rigid lines of vehicles and architecture. He presents beautiful and coherent vision.

In my depiction I am showing a car which is mainly prepared to travel on high-speed roads using Electromagnetic Suspension (EMS). It is already existing technology invented for a purpose of maglev trains. Maglev is short for magnetic levitation, hence the name of my car - Maglev Mobil. We shouldn’t of course assume that all of the future surfaces will be filled up with magnetic devices, so the car is equiped with two wheels placed symmetrically with gyroscope system for off-road mode. While stopped it lays its front on the ground allowing easier access.

Thank you for looking and good luck to everyone! I have seen wonderful entries so far, amazing!

Mateusz Ozminski


Awesome! Great idea and execution!


So elegant… :applause:
Great composition, light and shadow, colors, image depth … very nice.
Great feeling to look at it.
Nicely done :thumbsup:



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