MagicPicker 9.1, pro color wheel with Realtime 💧Eyedropper Color Preview in Photoshop, more


MagicPicker panel 9.1 brings Realtime Color Preview as your glide your :droplet: eyedropper in Photoshop. Experience better Color History, value inputs on Sliders, Munsell Color Wheel, more

Pick colors using the Photoshop eyedropper and have them in MagicPicker in real time next to current color!
– Activate in Settings
– When activated use Photoshop Eydropper or Alt-click with other tools and MagicPicker will display
the color you picked in new color swatch
– Works with HUGE color to quickly compare old & new colors on the full panel size

  • Photoshop-only feature

  • 9.1 – Improved Traditional Color Wheel

  • 9.1 – Fixed when Color History not updating

  • 9.1 – Improved Scale numbers on the sliders when Slider value box was hidden

  • 9.1 – Improved removing and re-adding Color History in the same Photoshop session

  • 9.1 – Improved activation on Illustrator 2020 after recent Adobe updates

  • 9.1 – Improved behavior on CS6 connected to Munsell Color Wheel

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