Magician And His Genie, Yufeng Yao (2D)


Title: Magician And His Genie
Name: Yufeng Yao
Country: China
Software: Painter, Photoshop

It took me two days to finish this work, I’m still a cg learner myself and I never took any formal art training, so I do wish for your understanding in case that I made mistakes in basic structures and shadows which happens all the time.Initially I started this with a line sketch, and then I thought it would look better without lineworks,so I dropped the spline layer and tried to fill in with more colors.Though I wanted to make this magician more luxuriant,I add a lot jewels,somehow it still looks a little more austere.I think the original design has desided his character.Still the overall look turned out to be something I want,hope you like it and thank you for your precious advice!


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