Version 0.99.2 released!
Allways Free! by EPHTRACY

My Magica Gallery :wink: (for a 30 seconds modeling that is some cool! :slight_smile:


Citizen Kane :slight_smile:

By Omegafoxx


Can we import models and turn them into voxels?


Of course yes ! Just Drag & Drop object(s) in OBJ format on the screen of Magica Voxel! (no menu for that)
Active matrix (empty or full of something) will be overwrited!
Object (s) will be mono color!

Just a little thing: Max of size matrix is 126 * 126 *126 (but you can have 4096 matrix)
So if you want a very hight resolution of your object trim it in 126 * 126 * 126 size parts! :wink:

Here the famous ZBrush demo-soldier obj format inside Magica in only one matrix :wink:

here 2 levels of matrix (you can have maybe 3 or 4 levels more so imagine resolution! :wink:

PS here an online converter OBJ - STL / Vox convertor
but resolution is limited! :wink:


wow, thanks very much! So cool!


Even from nurbs if you have Moi 3D!
(Moi can also import OBJ format for convert it to Nurbs! (middle resolution)
and of course can Export any Nurbs volume as OBJ! :wink:


Green spaces! :slight_smile:


So funny in less one minute!


Some lights :slight_smile:


Have you attempted any methods of comping non-voxel models into these kinds of voxel scenes with any success? It would be cool if you could export the camera with scene position info attached to eliminate some trial and error.


How to save camera poses with your project ? :wink:

by Grootfontein :

When you save camera poses (using “F7” or “7”), MV creates text files in the “config” folder.
You can save 10 camera called camera0.txt, camera1.txt, and so on until camera9.txt.
As thoses text files are saved within the config folder of the app, when you work on several MV projects each time you’ll save a camera, you’ll erase the previous one.

If you want to save camera poses for your projects, you’ll have to create your cameras, then copy the cameraX.txt files in another folder (don’t change the files name) so you could put them back in the “config” folder when you need them.


Thanks Frenchy, now I gotta figure out how to convert those for cameras inside either Maya or modo or both. Or maybe FBX could be of some assistance. I have to actually get some time to sit down and look at MagicaVoxel first though.


You have also this for have the same position of camera! :wink:


Manual…? Starting to feel like the bad old days. :confounded:


I said “also” :wink:


The “One minute shot” of the day! :slight_smile:


Blue Morning :slight_smile:



A little piece of cake…

…but if you zoom…

…that is a marvelous world of infinite fruits, flowers…

Amazing isn’t it ?

If you want play with it… careful zoom is very sensible!
Enable Stereoscopic Projection 170°, Sun 10°/40°…Ozone 50%…Voxel … X/1.10, Y/5, Z/1.5…Shape Shere…
Have fun exploration!

The file.vox

THX Ephtracy for this true gem!