Magic Trick in CINEMA 4D - Win free copy of HB ModellingBundle if you figure it out


Hello Dear Community,
I thought it would be fun to make a magic trick in C4D. So here is a magic trick I will show and if you can explain detailed how that works you will get a free copy of HB ModellingBundle.
First person is the Winner!


  • No Shortcuts- No Scripting/Plugins/Xpresso- Mousepointer on Screen allways
    Or come up with a own trick to win a free copy of hb modellingbundle.
    Have Fun


Solved it. You skinned Maya to look exactly like C4D. Then you used the 16 year old Autodesk “everything turns into a cube when viewed from the back” bug to pull off your “magic trick”. :smiley:

I actually have a good idea how you really did this, but I’m not a C4D owner right now, so I’ll let someone else win your modeling bundle.


Are there objects/tags in the scene that are being hidden in the object manager by using layers?


Ohh…well…not quite. But using Bugs for Magic is illeagal anyways :thumbsup:


Its not fun if I tell you :slight_smile: But I can tell that I did not use Xpresso or animated parameter.




Thats not involved, no.


You bastard, I can’t resist a challenge like this. I’ve finally done it after an hour when I was supposed to be working, but nice one :slight_smile: . I’ll leave the answer and prize to someone else though :wink:


Ok…so You actually solved the Trick. (he sent me a file with the solution). But Matthew was so kind to pass the price to the next one who comes up with the solution.


I will wait for entries till tomorrow and than lift the curtain.


Nothing against the tools of course, I just dont model much and figure someone else would make more use of them :slight_smile:

I’ll just throw out a hint and say that it involves quite a few different areas of c4d. Every time I thought I had come up with a solution, I’d check it against the video and realise my solution wouldn’t fulfil some of the restrictions. eg. I’d do it one way then realise you only had 2 objects visible in the object manager, or Id do it another way and realise something failed as soon as I moved the camera.


:slight_smile: Good one… :slight_smile:


I am happy to announce that we have a Winner. No other than Merk Vilson On Twitter also found the Solution. Tomorrow I will post the Secret.


Rhonda Byrne told us the Secret 10 years ago:



For hemisphere doubled polycount ;).Did you play with inverted normals and backface culling?


Here is the Reveal of the Secret :slight_smile:
Thank you all for Participating. Was a fun one.