Magic Ireland


These are my matte paintings for a personal project for a calendar.



Original photo:

Original photo:

Original photo:



great work!

I especially like the last matte painting (guard tower in the lake), but don’t know any spanish except hola and a few swear wrods which are not going to take me anywhere in this case…:smiley:

Happen to have a translation at hand? Because the last one seems to be very interesting also because it handles the question of equalizing different lights and atmospheres in the target picture.


there is something strange about your second picture, the mountain at the left in the foreground is less saturated than the moutains at the background which is simply impossible in real life :slight_smile: atmospheric perpective
and on the first picture the scale of the tower look weird and a bit flat, moreover i reall think it should be a bit darker than that

enjoy :slight_smile:
there is some very nice images anyway
keep it up


I’ll translate the text into English in a few days…(sorry)


not necessarily. :slight_smile: Atmoshperic perspective is not only distance dependant but also dependant on viewing angle, furthermore (of course) highly dependant on type and amount of particles in the atmosphere. And it´s not unlike that there are areas near the left mountain that make him appear less saturated.
But I am actually not really sure which picture you are exactly talking about. :smiley:


Great going…i love the photos especially…simply beautiful…One thing that can improve the realism here is the SSS properties of cloth…such as the flags and stuff…itll really make a difference.


realy greet works …
waiting the translation … coz am so interesting to know the making of this pics …
keep it up :slight_smile:


This mountain is just down the road from my house (at home in Mayo)! I can see it from the front yard. :smiley:

It’s Croagh Patrick by the way.

P.S- Ireland really DOES look like that!


This mountain is just down the road from my house (at home in Mayo)! I can see it from the front yard. :smiley:

It’s Croagh Patrick by the way.

P.S- Ireland really DOES look like that!

Hello, I love Ireland, I love Westport, I love Mat Molloys Pub…
…I’ll be back in Ireland this summer, hope I wil se you…


Have you been to Castlebar? My house is on that road between Castlebar and Westport.

And yes, Matt Molloy’s pub is good. :smiley:


Yes, I have been in castlebar. Look my photos from ireland.
I love Ireland…


i agree to jnurp’s crits and wanted to add that the hue of the ivy in the first shot seems wrong, or at least it doesnt fit into the image.

i also miss some ‘details of age’ like incisions in the wood a.s.o.:slight_smile:

good work!:thumbsup:


The short tutorial above is already translated in to english.


andriu great images here, in y opinion the image from your tutorial is the best, it has nice colors, nice 3D work , and very good integration , the first one has potential but your focal point should be not in the center, and the clouds are too dark for the depth you have in the original portafoliothe other ones are really cool , maybe some lines are too perfect, to straight, paint over your renders so it does not look CG


Hi Andriu,

Same idea at one point - I had:

This is a composite of bits of old stone wall shots, stony ground textures etc - particularly from places up around Co. Meath - north west of Dublin. This scene was done in a 3D app called Realsoft 3D. The textures were wrapped around shaped meshes - So what you are seeing is a textured 3D Scene. One may say it is not a matte, well its another way of doing things.

Heres the “Doorway” pre walls:

The following is a ‘Matte’ of a few different images of ruined castles and a river given a bloody look using Corel Photopaint:

My intention TIME ALLOWING :frowning: is to dig more into this. Life keeps getting in the way though - as can be the case with us all.

Aidan O Driscoll
Co. Cork, Ireland


hey andriu - thanks for the tranlsation, gracias, hehe


i gust wanna thank you for the translation, andriu :slight_smile:
waiting more of your amazing work :thumbsup:


Another image of the project of the calendar…


That’s beautiful, your lighting skills have really improve mate, very good work.



I love your original photos. Did you saturate them a bit?

I like all your work so far. If I had any complaints, I would wonder a bit about the focal length in relation to your characters. It appears that they are ‘too focused’ based on your background plates. But I do think they look really good!