magic bells opinions please


anyone want to take a look at this lil thing ?

its a tad over 2 meg so I appreciate anyone taking the trouble to check it out, before I call it finished.

Thanls and happy Thanksgiving everyone


this is really cool, I like the poor small bell.


Hi Paul Buckland, this is good clean fun, it’s cute man
When the little bell comes in his rotation is a bit sterile and could use some more of the enthusiasm it has in the 2nd rotation. Also when the big bell gets grumpy it’s easily missed, maybe add some red (angry), or move it a bit to emphasise it and attract the viewers eyes to the action.


Hey Sumdumguy,

Thanks for the crit, I appreciate it. Yes I didnt say anything about my thoughts on the grumpy old big bell when I put up the WIP, wasnt sure if it was just me. Seems like I managed to get the lil bell grab the attention fine but the big ol grumpy one I kind of thought since he is so big would grab enough attention when he moved and scowled but, I was, am wrong Ill work on it.

Yes maybe I should make the lil baby bell be more agressive from the entry. I was trying for a minimalist approach no action that isnt required, if you understand me, but maybe I went a bit too far :slight_smile:

Thanks again out there in OZ


Yeha make that little bell try and shake his heart out, maybe a couple of rumbles and quicke shakes, you know so it looks like its getting angry :slight_smile:

cool anim, i can see this as an msn adsomething at christams time lol :wink:



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