Mage, Joel Mongeon (3D)


Title: Mage
Name: Joel Mongeon
Country: USA
Software: Modo, Photoshop, ZBrush

A portrait study that was worked on over several weeks. Trying to find a connection with viewer through the use of shadow.


looks v nice


Very well done. Especiallythe cloth


Looks great! Nice Zbrush work for the details.


Great work Joel !! as always !!


Incredibly life like! I’ve had to do like 10 double-takes to make sure it’s cg :smiley:


ahh 3dsk strikes again! nice work though.


Thanks a lot everyone!
fx81, hehe, glad you knew who I used for ref, I must have done something right :smiley:


Really nice subtle DoF. Great cloth. Great hair / stubble. The character reminds me of rapper Xzibit.


amazing modeling by the face i like it the skin , textures & detalis but tell me why your work or this face is red ???

good luck 4 ever :beer:


Love the model and texture …


Hi Joel Mongeon,

This is awesome work…I am actually disappointed(…not with you though…with cg talk) that this image hasn’t made it to the front page. It sure deserved it!

Kee up the good work!




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