Madmorrie's time machine


Hi All,

First post here as I found this comp on the Modo site and figured I’d have a go. I’m a professional retoucher, but I’ve dabbled with 3D for 20 odd years now across various packages. I finally settled on Modo a few years ago and have used it for a bunch of jobs, both paid and personal. I like it a lot but with so much to learn it’s often hard to find the time/motivation to sit at a screen for more hours at the end of each day. I find a big carrot, be it a potential prize, or a pay cheque helps to motivate a bit. Also a deadline to work to seems to help me also.

Anyway, I love the idea of time-travel in general and the whole paradoxical nature of it so I thought I’d have a crack at this.
With the comp brief as open as it is you need to pin down your own guidelines first I think. So, it is something you sit in, on? A room, a vehicle, some kind of drug?

A device of some sort? Yep, that sounds right to me a time machine should be a machine right?. A portable one would be handy.

So a device, what does it look like? Form should follow function, at least part of the way anyway, so what does this device need to do.
I love pulling stuff apart and seeing how things work, but for this challenge I kinda need to do the opposite, so wanted to think up a new way to enable time travel, then design the hardware around that mechanism. So after tossing around a some ideas for a few days I came up with this.

I decided I wanted something that could open a portal or tear in space-time to enable the user to step through to their preprogrammed destination time. It’s a gauntlet style apparatus that would attach to the fore arm. It ‘works’ by firing out a ring out that the user is able to step through. Think of a cross between a taser and a portal gun.

As I can pretty much make up my own physics for this, I’ve decided that it deploys a disposable ring of metal, coated in dark matter (hey 2055 - we should be able to do that by then), shaped so as to expand outwards and lodge into surrounding material (e.g a door frame, don’t worry it will all be in the user manual). The device charges, (or maybe negatively charges?) the ring as it spins it to high rpm within the ‘annular nozzle’ around the wrist of the user. A guide light (think laser sight but in a ring) will help the user to aim the device and, when ready the ring will fire out, expanding rapidly and all that negatively charged dark matter will rip a nice neat hole, accompanied (if hollywood has taught us anything) by blue lightning and claps of thunder, and the user will jump cleanly into their new time.
The deployed ring will be shaped so it can stretch into a filament as it expands outwards, and spikes will be built into it enable it to lodge into surrounding material, holding the portal open long enough for the user to jump through.

Wait, have I overthought this

Anyway, with that all pinned down and sitting happily in some clearly unused portion of my brain, I broke out the pencils, and this is where I am up to.



Description interesting.