MadMicrobe 2018 Reel


Hey guys–if anyone happened to be interested, here is our recently completed showreel featuring various work from our team pulled mainly from 2017.
For those who don’t know us, MadMicrobe’s focus is primarily pharma and healthcare (medical & scientific) animation, with the occasional broadcast, film, or motion graphics project thrown into the mix.

All was of course created in Cinema with a mix of render engines (Vray, Physical and a couple of Octane shots).
Also quite a bit of use of x-particles throughout.

Thanks for looking!



Top notch as usual, Joel!
Inspirational, too!



Great work as always!


Amazing work Joel!




Always wonderful.


Very nice!


Thanks guys for the positive feedback :slight_smile:


Lovely work!





I need to balance your Chi: Your work sucks!
Balance reinstated :slight_smile:


My chi could defintiely use more balance :slight_smile:
But everything I know I learned from noseman NAB tutorials. Thanks!
Maybe I’ll see you in Boston in July at AMI if they let me out of my cage.


Thanks ooo and Luke.
Luke helped us out on a few shots in there. He is an excellent animator and all around good guy–and most importantly I can always count on him to come to the rescue when I cant remember what the name of that tool was when my mind goes blank during our weekly tech talks. Too many years of unbalanced chi.


Aw shucks, thanks. I’ve just been lucky that we talk about areas of the program I’m somewhat familiar with. If you branch into character animation - forget it! :smiley:


Great stuff Joel - top notch!


Great looking old man in that brain shot Joel!


I really like the osteoclast shot about :25 in. Was that a Vray render or Physical, Joel?

Oh, and better get the name of that music too; it won’t leave my head.


Thanks again guys

Gary :thumbsup:

Arik–that was a painfully slow physical render.

Music is Look to your Laurels by Blue States. Picking the right track is probably the most challenging and agonizing part of putting a reel together. The music and rhythm guide the edit. You cant cut the reel and then add the music or the flow will never work.