Madden 2005 VS. ESPN Football 2k5


Well football is right around the corner and its time to get the all new video game versions but before it was no contest on what to get…Madden. But now it seems ESPN has got a rocking football game too. I have never played the ESPN version but I hear lots of good things. I even went to to see what rated highest. Madden 2005 got a 95 and ESPN 2k5 got a 91. Hmmm its so hard to choose and just was wondering what you all are thinking about getting.

I do love that Madden franchise mode, and I here the AI has raised the bar in video game sports.


100k and plus users here and not a single one a football fan. Nice. :rolleyes:


Myself? I nearly bust a n@# when I think of football season beginning. The best few months of the year in my opinion. Though it tends to get me in a lot of fights with my girlfriend, it’s well worth it.
As ar as the games go…I couldn’t compare. I’ve never played the ESPN version. Madden will rock as usual, so you can’t really go wrong. My suggestion will be to rent both for a couple of days, then decide which you like better. Have you ever tried playing online? I always get my butt kicked, but it’s still great. I don’t know if ESPN supports online play, though I’m sure it probably does. Now I’m curious…I’m gonna have to rent them myself.


Both are online, and from what I have read Madden is good for the people who like the technical side of the game and the ESPN game is more for the people who just want to play some football. I think I’m going for Madden just cause I like the franchise mode. And now they have so you can reward players with team captain and players will also become unhappy with there play time and want to be traded (like Terrel Owens), so I think that is really cool.


Also glad to see I got fellow Football fans here.


I’m a big fan of the ESPN sport series. I’m a hockey fan myself (Go Devils), but I have played a couple of the NFL 2K series. I must say, I think I prefer the 2K feel better than Madden’s presentation. Plus, playing NFL 2Kx on the Xbox totally rules with 5.1 and on a hi-res TV. I love taking Michael Vick and have him punk out everyone. That’s one fast and agile quarterback! Tons o’ fun!




ESPN Hockey.



I’ve played both. And for 20 buck. Espn is better. Seriously at the office we got a bunch of Espn copies and started an online league. And I haven’t heard anyone mentioned madden.


I’m not a football fan. But I know that the ESPN series is what was the SEGA series. So if you liked the Sega sport games, you will love this. I can also say that the ESPN graphics and animations are the BEST that I have seen in any sports game, or any game for that matter. ESPN looks great graphically. ESPN also has apparently got some weird new juke system that is used with the 2 analog controls, so give it a rent before you buy for sure. I expect Madden to be the same as all of the other Maddens, with new players.


What about nba live05 and the espn nba05? When will they come out? I cant wait. It will have freestyle air now, sweet…


gamespot gave ESPN 9.2 and Madden 9.0

i’ve read reviews on both and they are about equal. but at 19 buck’a’roos, EPSN is sure cheaper then the $49.99 Madden. both are online. and from what i’ve heard, it boils down to which one feels ‘right’ to you. rent them both, give them both a try.

personally, EPSN will be the first Football game i’ve owned since Tecmo Bowl. i like the gameplay and ‘feel’ of it. plus, you can customize your celebration moves and use xbox’s hd for custom music [like touchdown music, or kickoff songs]. plus the VIP option that enables the game to make a ghost or your style and saves it to the hd. then, you can play yourself and find/improve mistakes.

anyone know if either game will allow you to go online and update the teams? like with trades and late signings?

also, i’m waiting for FIFA 2005 online!! goooooooooooooooooal!


hah! Right on…

Leafs rule…I don’t care what year it is…I still put number 93 first line center on every EA hockey game I play!

Never tried espn hockey though…gotta check it out.


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