MadCar (Plugin for Car Animation)


amazing plugin , many thanks


the quicktime causes a firefox crash here…any other format available?

kind regards,


Very nice PlugIn :thumbsup:

Rightclick -> save as (german: speichern unter) and you can watch this video with Quicktime.


Some another video


hey don’t know why? but it happens with me too. firefox crashes if i open quicktime in it.


This plugin is great!
But I’ve only managed to start the simulation once… I’m trying to resimulate from your scene, I press Reset animation (tried pressing Recal, and other buttons like Update Surface after this) but then when I press Enter on the transparent window, I see the throttle and the brake changing, but the car doesn’t move. What’s the correct procedure, starting from your example, to create a new animation?

Also I’ve managed to crash my max a lot (no Craft Director Tools installed). Here’s how, starting from your scene. Reset Animation> Update Surface > Recalc. I know this might be not the right way to press the buttons, but it crashes my max 100% of the time. I’m using x64 max by the way.

Thank you, and the animation is really cool!

tipically installing the latest quicktime stops firefox from crashing…


Thanks a lot!

You did help me to find bug.
I corrected it.

Please redownload plugin.

To start real time driving
Move current max time bar to start frame

Press to “update surface”
Press to “OnRunDriving”


Thanks, you fixed that crash!
About the simulation, you put me on the right track. But in order for it to work I must firstly change the Start time spinner, then set it back to 0 again.

going back into max for a drive :smiley:


Плаг просто супер, всё предельно качественно и просто.
А реалтаймовое управление вообще просто чудо.
Правда у меня, почему-то, только с мышки получается управлять.

I said that he did good job.


The update seems to have fixed the constant crashing :smiley: !! fantastic work :wink:



can i request a very simple feature ? trust me … its very simple .

for people getting errors with firefox , try opera for 15 min. and you will forget firefox
at least it doesn’t use as much memory


You can


Man!!! You’re a genius!!! Very Good Job! Is what I’m searching for a long time, thanx indeed.

Did you use some other plug in for the camera movements?

Bye I’m stay tuned for your videos.



about the highest wow factor in quite some time imho




No, i didn’t. Just simple 3dsmax animation of camera


Wonderfull. Thanks you for your generosity. One ask: can you check the sample? There’s an error and it say me “File open failed”. Thanks again and obviously sorry for my english.


thanks a lot , i was gonna ask for a selectable pieces of the car , however when i linked
geometry to the car , i was able to put cameras and do what i needed
so its already there , thanks again

IMHO , your mad car have beaten the TOY car


Is there a possibility to have it for 3ds max 7 ,or is too complicated?



Wow… Very impressive :thumbsup: Realtime driving feature looks sweet …


I just tryed to open it by 3ds max R9. It was ok.