MadCar (Plugin for Car Animation)


Agreed. Have you used the new one?



not extensively, I’ll probably have more of a play with it over Christmas, now that work has eased off.




Great, thanks Steve.

I just bought it. Waiting for my key then it’s test:30! :thumbsup:


Hey everyone, I havn’t had time to review all of this thread, so if I’m asking you to reiterate I apologize :smiley:

I want to use Mad Car for my car animations for a project I’m working on with a few friends. We are going to be using Maya for most of it, but really want to use the power of Mad Car, we can settle with using Max if this question of mine is an issue.

Is there ANYWAY to bake the animation to the car and unparent the rig? basically, I want to animate my car the way I want it to, than export that car and animation to Maya and just do the rest from there.

That’s one way,

Is there anyway to export my car animation from max 2009 to max 2011? that’d be the second way.

Thanks guys, I love all you CGSociety people!


I rendert a old test in out in High Def.

3dsmax 2009 and the old Madcar Free Plugin


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