MadCar (Plugin for Car Animation)


any idea ?!:rolleyes:


same thing happens to you within the demo scene? perhaps your car poly count is way too high.

If that’s not the issue, you might try playing with the Throttle sensitivity, or using shift to accelerate more.


try hiding the mesh - this happens to me too sometimes. I mainly use madcar for realtime game engine stuff so I have the luxury of being able to delete the mesh completely. I haven’t found a good fix tho, sometimes it works and sometimes not.


Yeminius @:
it’s not too high , in karba’s test example (mustang) the realtime scene is not slowmotion. I couldn’t get something like that. however thank u

em3 @:
i think hiding the mesh would be the best way for me now. thanx alot man


I’m animating a car going down a mountain road and was wondering if i could assign a path that my car would follow automatically.
If yes can anyone please give me a step by step procedure on how to do it?


First of all, nice addon, …wonder if this works in reactor? :applause:

…I got one problem, it’s really annoying… whenever I asign a part of car to the Mad Car… that part is getting really big, or really small, …what shall I do?

Cheers & tnx…


I don’t assign the actual meshes to madcar - I just assign dummy points and then link my geometry to that point. It makes it much easier to set up multiple cars.


lol me, tnx for the tip, I forgot about that…

This does not include object collision right? …any tip for that!?!

Cheers & tnx…


Sorry for the lengthy reply, but maybe it will help other noobs…

Had fun with this problem myself. I used a 3D vehicle model which had been scaled down to a proper size for use in a forensic job. Found that when I applied the MadCar controller to a wheel, it jumped to the center of the car and doubled in size. Then when I chose the Object1 (MadCar) object, it jumped to about 500 times its size. I knew it had something to do with when I originally scaled the vehicle way down in size. (I created a dummy vehicle out of a box and cylinders and it worked fine).

Anyway, to fix it: I chose the wheel, then under Hierarchy, choose Affect Object Only, under Reset click Scale. I never used this button before, which I am quite sure is common to many. But essentially, even though I had resized the wheel, MAX still kept the original size as its core size and which is what MadCar was referencing. Clicking this button forces MAX to accept the current (resized value) as the new core.



Is it possible to adjust the Z-axis? I’ve got a car traveling on hilly ground. Wheel radii of 1.08 units. All seems okay except the tires sit below the ground by about 0.5 units. In other words, the bottom of the tires are sunk into the ground about halfway up to the axles.

Also, which setting handles the “springiness” of the shocks. The car bounces a little too loosely (need to stiffen up the suspension).

So far so good playing around with it (Thanks, Kabra!).

Thanks in advance,


have any one mad car plugin for 3ds max 2010??plz help me…


yeah that seem to to be the biggest draw back on this plugin, looks cool but making it for the latest max is just as important as anything. I would try it if it worked for max 2011.



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i want to use it in max 2011 and future max versions…
isnt it posible?


I just found this

$200 tho…not sure if it’s real. Has anyone tried it?

edit: looks like it is. That karba dude deserves it, Mad Car is one of if not THE top vehicle plugin for Max.


Yeah, it’s real.

Better a commercial plugin that gets recompiled than a free one that doesn’t.


Agreed. Have you used the new one?



not extensively, I’ll probably have more of a play with it over Christmas, now that work has eased off.




Great, thanks Steve.

I just bought it. Waiting for my key then it’s test:30! :thumbsup:


Hey everyone, I havn’t had time to review all of this thread, so if I’m asking you to reiterate I apologize :smiley:

I want to use Mad Car for my car animations for a project I’m working on with a few friends. We are going to be using Maya for most of it, but really want to use the power of Mad Car, we can settle with using Max if this question of mine is an issue.

Is there ANYWAY to bake the animation to the car and unparent the rig? basically, I want to animate my car the way I want it to, than export that car and animation to Maya and just do the rest from there.

That’s one way,

Is there anyway to export my car animation from max 2009 to max 2011? that’d be the second way.

Thanks guys, I love all you CGSociety people!