MadCar (Plugin for Car Animation)


I wrote new plugin for car animation.

It is free.

You can download it from


32bit version (3dsmax9/2008)
64bit version (3dsmax9/2008)

Help file

Test scene


Wow! That looks fantastic. Cant wait to try it out.

Thanks a lot mate!


Works pretty well :smiley: thanks…
though i found it rather hard to figure out exactly… but once you know where and how to use these different controllers and what not… its sweet :smiley:

one question though… how do i add multible objects as the “surface”? (max crashed when i tried this) i just selected all the different object with the “pick surface” button… i guess thats the right way to do it… but it has´nt relly worked that well yet
ill try again


You have to collapse multiple objects to single mesh.


I tried that… it didnt work :shrug:… the car just went right through

and also… it (kinda obvious that atleast an error should accure) Max crashes everytime something intersects… i mean… if i start the simulation when some of the wheels intersect the surface it crashes… . it would be awsome if it didnt crash just brought up an error… :slight_smile:
(and i also just be sure that nothing intersects :wink: )
but i guess thats just Max´s thing… heh crashing…


Is it possible to drive “reverse”… backing up the car?..
or is it only possible to drive forward/sides and break…?

Tried attaching the objects to the surface again, this time it worked :smiley:


Did you push “Update Surface” button?

crashing… i din’t have this problem. It is very stange.


What do you use? Mouse, keyboard?

in case keyboard, press PAGE DOWN
in case mouse, rotate wheel back



Look interesting!

I like your animation with the Mustang a lot! How did you create the forest?


Ok… thanks…

though i must say… ive had 5 crashes with max the past 20-30 mins… (Max usualy never crashes) im using Max 2008

but i guess i just have to figure out what it is that makes it crash (wich im 90% sure is the intersecting most of the time) and awoid it



That is my plugin too. It is secret at this moment.


Can you send me your scene which bring to crash?


that would be a bit hard… since i have tried 4 different scenes (from scratch) … it isnt really a crash that occures all the time or anything… its just when i mix with the settings (driving on/off and reset the animation) and stuff… it might crash… but it most sertanly everytime the wheel or anything is intersecting the surface, and i press play, that it crashes…
*its sometime happens like… when i reset the anim, and do stuff… then it suddenly intersects and it crashes…

Ok… im sending a scene… this one crashes everytime (i think) i simulate the car… then reset the animation… and try to simulate it again… :shrug:


Sorry, i don’t know what problem is. I didn’t have crash ever.
Did you try my example scene?

Please send me one of 4 scene what you use, if it possible.


ok… :slight_smile: i have sent a scene :thumbsup:


I just try your scene. But i can’t get max crash. very strange.

Do you use Craft Director Tools?
One man had same problem… But i am not sure…


hmmm? strange… try to move the car (just for testin) so that it intersects with the plane/surface… and see if it crashes

no i dont use Craft Director Tools … hmm


Still no crash

Sorry. it is too late in my area, i have to go to sleep.


Ok… well… thats very strange
anyways… it works great otherwise :wink:
nice plugin :smiley:



Nice work !
Ran it fine but had a couple of crashes due to wrong clicks i think.
Also I created a plane with lumpy noise animation to see if i could use it as a speed boat. The car ran on the first frame of the plane deformation but did’nt follow the animation as i hopped. I presume you could do a frame by frame update of the surface for the rig to follow, would be nice.
Love to play with your forest plug too.



fantastic plugin!:thumbsup: Thanks man! i will try this soon.
your demostration movie looks cool and very real.