Mad Max - Last v8 - Interceptor


Hi everyone,
it has been a while since my last post on cgtalk. Wanted to share with you my latest personal WIP projekt. I hope u like it… this is going to be some kind of tribute to the last V8 in the film Mad Max II.
c&c always welcome.


and here the rear view…


some more detailed renderings…


some more detailed renderings…


looks great :slight_smile:


Thanks AmirP…

here are some close up`s…


Some basic texturing and a first hdri test render. Going for the background creation now, cause I want to create a proper hdri for the car reflection and lightning.


Defining image size and cam angle. Roughed in some sort of valley to get a feeling for the background elements. Gonna take them into vue…


WOW. I love the progression of this thread. The first post didn’t show much potential but this final post gives me goosebumps.
This is gonna be a good image.


Great idea. I love this car and you have done a great model. Cant wait to see more :slight_smile:


classic! nice work man!


Thanks hoodedpython, Dan-Cable & Luke046
Here are some quick renderings of the first steps in Vue. I`am trying to create some sort of Grand Canyon vally scene to place the car in… more to come…


Some more progress…


Nice Work!! The wip-Vue rendering looks realy impressive!
Don’t waste you’re time at work. Create much more cool car pics :stuck_out_tongue:


to seeing the bg and the model together! Like the last bg the best. Car looks great. Want to see it rough and used and not too shiny… fits better with mad max theme… dust, grit, raw power, gasoline and burnin’ rubber across a desert highway :wink:


Second to last BG does it for me :slight_smile:


@uncountable: Thanks buddy, I really would like to earn my money by creating this kind of images but as you might know yourself, life is harsh. So, it looks like I gonna waste some more time with what I`m doing right now for a living :wink:

@Ethan: Hey old friend, nice to see that you havent been eaten by some bears ;-) Im not quite sure if the car will look used in the end or if I go for a more shiny Mad Max 2010 kind of image. What do you guys think? …dust, grit, raw power, gasoline and burnin’ rubber across a desert highway would also mean to model a pile of dead bodies, right?

@Dan-Cable: Thanks man, I really appreciate you watching my thread

… well the last couple of days I rendered a bunch of passes in 4k what was really time consuming… here is the result. I think I had it with 3d for the moment and I´m looking forward now to spend some time doing all the post production on this image. Going to show you guys some combined image soon.


So here it is… just a simple combine of the render passes in Photoshop. Still got to fix a lot of stuff in post production… what do you think… critique and comments always welcomed


It looks very nice, I love the BG. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Mad Max and all, but it seems to me that the car looks far too nice and new. I’d suggest dirtying it up :slight_smile:


Corrected some render mistakes… tweaked the reflection, shadow and highlight passes… playing around with tones and contrasts… dirt layer still to come… getting closer to the final :wink: