Mad Constructor On Robot, Sormann At Work (3D)


can we get a close up on the face by any chance.



Here you go…Another feather up your arse!
Very cool!


only 4 stars!.. wow the standard down here must have sky rocket! Well, it sure will push us to make it it even better i suppose.

Nice style.:beer:


haha, that looks so funny.
I love the dumb face you painted on the robot.
Love the animation too!

and the monty python sketch.:applause:


!hella cool!

cleverly funny characters design you got here sormann:cool:
and i like your texturing style as well. the anim looks cool too, but if i have to pinpoint a thing that would be the robots arms, the way they move they seem they’re not as heavy as they look like. but its just my opinion. all in all hats off :buttrock:

btw whats happen to your pig, elephant and the gangster?


Wow is amazing guy, I love your style, very very stylized characters guy, all they have one characteristic touch than you print to your models. :applause: :applause:

Keep up it, that image is great :cool: .




this is some really fantastic work…hope to see an animation soon.



Freakin Awesome work.
I REEALLY want to see him animated!


Thanks for the replies…
Here is a test anim I created .


Dead link!





Very cool walk cycle!
Now you’ve got to make a short film with him!



I just love that character… does he have a sidekick too? or evil henchmen? :slight_smile:


Awsome… love it… Need I say more.:applause:


I like the lighting


Michael you are my master :bowdown:
Your characters are great, great work. Especially the synchro and face-expression of your animations.


Cool. Fits very well with the context and background.

Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Funny piece of art.:buttrock:


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